How to Build Bone Strength with OsteoStrong Machines

OsteoStrong is a company that specializes in creating and using equipment to build bone strength. Here's info about the OsteoStrong machine.
Build Bone Strength with OsteoStrong Machines

Since we were young, we were always told to eat dairy products, green, leafy veggies, and drink plenty of milk for strong bones. If we weren’t able, calcium supplements were the next best thing. And as time goes on, especially for this gal, I’ve taken away milk from my diet and tried to watch my calories as much as possible. 

Add in the fact that I’ve been in forced menopause for nearly a decade, and that’s a mix of low bone strength and density. However, a cool fact about our bones is that we can increase our bone density at any age. So, if you were able to increase your bone strength with a low-impact, 10-minute, one-a-week workout, would it be worth it? Here’s the scoop on OsteoStrong and how it helps to do just that.

What is Bone Strength, & How Does it Affect Women?

Build Bone Strength

In a sentence, bone strength is a bone’s ability to resist fracturing. Structure and material composition also determine how strong a bone is. So, when a bone becomes too flexible and hits structural failure, it breaks.

The stronger a bone is, the less likely it is to fracture. Low bone strength caused by bone loss or low bone mass greatly contributes to the risk of fracture.

So, why are women more prone to bone fractures than men as they age? There are two reasons for this: size and estrogen. In general, women have smaller bones than men do, making them easier to snap. And starting at age 30, we lose one to two percent of our bone mass every year.

Think of a chicken bone versus a cow bone. When brittle, a chicken bone is easily snapped in two (remember the wishbone game on Thanksgiving where you’d let the bone dry, grab each end with your pinky finger, and pull to see who got the bigger piece?). As for a cow’s bone, you have a much more difficult time snapping one in half.

How to Build Bone Strength with OsteoStrong Machine

As for estrogen, it’s considered a bone-bolstering hormone. Since estrogen decreases as we age, osteopenia and osteoporosis come into play.

One of the top ways to naturally increase bone density is through strength training and weightlifting. Here’s where the OsteoStrong Machines step up to the plate. They put pressure on your bones, which will cause them to adapt naturally, thereby increasing your bone strength.

What Are OsteoStrong Machines?

OsteStrong is a company that specializes in creating and using equipment to build bone strength. The sessions utilize a series of devices that allow axial compression of bone to emulate the effect of impact, called Osteogenic Loading.

Each session is only 10 minutes long, and it’s a “no sweat” bone density workout. So, you can turn up in your street clothes or workout gear, whatever’s comfortable for you. Just make sure you’re wearing comfy shoes.

OsteoStrong Machine

It’s used by elite athletes and people who want to increase bone density and strength, so don’t think you need to be in peak shape to start the workout. It’s ideal for people of all levels of activity and all ages.

You’ll start out on vibration plates that cause all of your muscles to contract and relax rapidly. Standing on one foot at a time it’s a natural way to build balance that you may be lacking.

Then, it’s an Upper Growth Trigger Machine. Using your upper body, you’ll push away in a chest press-style of movement. You’ll hold that position for a short time until you get your top reading.

Next, you’ll hit the Lower Growth Trigger Machine. If you’re familiar with gym equipment, it’s like using a leg push plate. The difference in this OsteoStrong Machine is that it’s one press for the entire workout, not moving the plate up and down with weights.

Third, it’s a Core Growth Trigger Machine. Sitting on a bench, it’s like using a pull-up machine while sitting stationary.

And last, You’re on to the Postural Growth Trigger Machine. Think of it as carrying heavy weights in each hand while keeping your shoulders low.

Strengthen bones with OsteoStrong Machines

Benefits of OsteoStrong – Build Bone Strength Fast

Fortunately, you should begin noticing changes straight away. The first to change will be your balance and strength, both of which I severely need help with.

Next, it will be daily activities that will reap the benefits. And by daily activities, I mean walking up a set of stairs, lifting items, and even grocery shopping.

As for bone density, it takes anywhere from 6-12 months to start seeing bone density increase.

How Much Does it Cost?

Let’s get this out of the way: It’s not inexpensive. Packages start at $159 a month, plus a $99 sign-up fee. Unfortunately, traditional health insurance doesn’t cover the monthly expense, either.

But there may be some proverbial light at the end of the bone strength tunnel. If you’re on Medicare, you may be able to get membership fee reimbursement with a letter of necessity from your doctor, so check into that option.

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