The Benefits of Wall Pilates for the Body and Mind

You might be surprised to find out that wall Pilates has as many mental benefits as physical. Learn about this low-impact option.
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Though it seems that the younger generations are the ones focused on their physical and mental health, the truth is that you should be, too. 

As you age, you want to remain in the pursuit of vitality, strength, and flexibility. This allows you to age more gracefully and feel empowered as you do so.

To help with this, we’ve got the perfect workout: wall Pilates. 

This mixes the principles of traditional Pilates with the support of a wall and, in doing so, gives you a new way to improve your posture, build your core strength, and give you better balance

The Basics of Wall Pilates

Wall Pilates is all about taking the benefits of classical Pilates and integrating the stability and alignment that a wall provides. This exercise is tailored specifically to women over the age of 50, as it notes the body’s evolving needs and empowers women to enjoy a new journey of holistic health. 

Why This Workout Is Ideal

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There are many reasons why Wall Pilates is great for women over 50. Here are a few.

Gentle on joints

Aging can bring about shifts in your joint health. Wall Pilates focuses on controlled movements, which means reduced strain on joints while also fostering flexibility and mobility.

Helps with posture

As the spine experiences natural changes over time, keeping good posture becomes super important. Wall Pilates is here to support your spine in healthy alignment, leading to improved posture and greater comfort. 

Builds a stronger core

A strong core is at the heart of functional fitness and a healthy body. Wall Pilates works deep into those core muscles, and as a result, you get the benefits of stability, balance, and a better sense of well-being.

Supports bone health

As we age, our bone health becomes more and more important. Wall Pilates is an exercise that engages the muscles around your bones, promoting bone density and resilience.

Creates a mind-body connection

Wall Pilates helps you connect your mind to your body, giving you a deeper connection between movement and mental health. 

The Benefits of Wall Pilates

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The benefits of this form of exercise are not just physical but mental, too. 

Flexibility and Mobility

You’ve probably noticed that as you’ve aged, you may have become less flexible than you used to be. Wall Pilates helps keep that flexibility going strong through its gentle stretches and controlled movements. This gives you a boost in joint flexibility and overall mobility.

Stress Relief

Taking this time for yourself allows you to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle of life. Putting away your phone and moving your body helps to promote relaxation and reduce stress –  both of which are key to holistic health. 

Muscle Tone

You will be surprised at how quickly this workout tones your muscles. This is great not only for you to feel better about yourself and your strength but also helps with something that naturally declines with age. 

Joint Health

Workouts such as running and HIIT can seriously damage your joints, especially as you age. That’s why we love this low-impact workout that is great for your joint health. It doesn’t wear and tear on your joints, and it also helps with your overall motion.

Your First Wall Pilates Class

A female doctor sits at her desk and chats to an elderly female patient while looking at her test results

Before you jump into your first wall Pilates class, talk to your doctor to make sure you’re okay to do so. 

Next, you want to find a good class and instructor. This means someone who is certified to teach and who understands how your body may differ from a 20-year-old’s. 

The first class will likely be a bit of a rough start as all the moves will be new to you, and the names are ones you won’t be able to recognize immediately. Be patient with yourself and start slowly. The key to any form of Pilates is gradual progression. Start with the basics first, then you can advance as you become more comfortable and confident.

It is so important to listen to your body as you do this workout. If something doesn’t feel right, stop. Ask your instructor for help to ensure your posture and alignment are right. 

Keep In Mind

We all want fast results, but know that with a workout like wall Pilates, consistency is key. That’s why you want to be practicing regularly. For some, that may mean once a week; for others, that may mean four. Whatever consistency looks like for you, stick with it. 

This is how you get noticeable improvements in posture, core strength, and overall well-being.

Also, celebrate your progress along the way. From your first class to your 100th, note the progress you’ve made each time, no matter how small. 

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