Try This Low Impact Workout: The Bar Method

The Bar Method is a terrific low-impact workout choice. It burns calories, it’s heart-healthy and it will help you reach your fitness goals.

We often hear about the calorie-burning benefits of high-impact workouts, but low-impact workouts can be advantageous as well. They improve strength, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and cut down on the risk of injury.

There are many low-impact workouts you can choose from, but the Bar Method is one that’s gaining lots of traction. It involves warming up the upper body, doing pushups, and finishing with leg and core exercises on the barre and floor. It mainly uses body weight for resistance, but free weights may be integrated.

Read on to find out more about the Bar Method and what it entails.

What are Bar Method Workouts?

Bar Method workouts vary, so you never get bored. However, they integrate certain key moves as follows.


5 exercises to target armpit fat include pushups

Pushups appear in almost any Bar Method workout. To perform pushups properly, raise your hips so they are lined up with your ribs. Pull in your glutes and abs. Your elbows should be bent towards your waist. A 10-20 count repetition is recommended.

You can vary your pushup routine by performing them on your knees or by leaning diagonally on a wall or counter.

Thigh Workout

After completing your pushups, it’s time to focus on the thigh area. The ideal next step is the ‘second position thigh,’ which involves getting into a crab-like stance. Place your feet out wide so they are directly below your knees. Squat down until you feel pressure in the thigh area while pulling in your glutes.

Now make pulsing movements going up an inch and down an inch. For an added challenge, you can lift your hands over your head and/or try lifting up one foot at a time while in position.

Leg Lifts

Women doing a barre workout

The leg lift move will tone your legs and make you as graceful as a ballerina.

Get into position by holding a barre or another type of support. Place your other hand on your waist.

Place one foot in front of the other, hip-width apart, with both knees slightly bent. Then raise your front foot with your toes pointed towards the floor. Raise your foot as high as you can without raising your hip.

Bend and stretch your leg gently. Then switch sides and repeat.


The pretzel targets the glute area making your backside look shapelier.

Begin by sitting on the floor with your right leg bent in front of you and your left leg bent behind you both at 90-degree angles. Your left knee should be in line with your left hip. Your right hand should be on the floor in front of your right knee, and your left hand should be resting on your front shin.

Lean your torso diagonally to the right and slightly forward. Move your right hand so it’s below your shoulder.

Pull your left foot off the floor while pressing your left hip forward until your left knee is an inch off the floor. Lift your leg up and down one inch for about a minute. Then switch sides.

Straight-Leg Clam

The straight-leg clam is great for shaping up those abs.

To perform the exercise, start by lying on your back with a folded towel beneath your glutes. Raise both legs vertically in the air above your hips, with your knees slightly bent. Place your hands behind your head and use them to raise your head while softening your knees and extending your legs in turn. Repeat for 10-20 reps.

Is the Bar Method Suitable for All Age Groups?

Bar method for all ages

Yes, the Bar Method is great for all age groups. Just like any exercise, it works to increase strength, improve fitness levels, boost mood, and decrease stress. The fact that the routine is low impact makes it especially beneficial to older adults because it allows you to stay active without excessively impacting the joints or increasing the risk of injury.

The workout moves in the Bar Method can also be modified according to your capabilities, making them especially effective for people with physical limitations and those who are rehabbing from injuries.

Ready to get started? We have 25 bar workouts on our YouTube channel!


Can I Do the Bar Method with Other Workouts?

Yes, you can do the Bar Method with other workouts, such as additional strengthening, stretching, and aerobic exercises. However, supplementing the Bar Method is not necessary. If you follow the recommended routine 3-5 times a week, it will boost your fitness level and can even get you to athlete status.

How Often Should I Do the Bar Method?

It is recommended that you do the Bar Method 3-5 days a week to maintain fitness levels. But you can do it as often as 6-7 days a week as it will not put stress on joints and cause injury.

Is the Bar Method Aerobic?

Yes, even though the Bar Method is low impact, it will challenge your cardiovascular system making it effective in burning calories.

How Many Calories Will I Burn Doing the Bar Method?

The number of calories you will burn doing the Bar Method varies depending on how long you exercise and the intensity of your workout. However, if you follow most workout programs found online or in classes, you can burn 250-500 calories.

Will the Bar Method Help Me Lose Weight?

Postmenopausal woman on scale, frustrated because she's unable to lose weight

The Bar Method is excellent for weight loss. In addition to providing aerobic, calorie-burning effects, it targets the legs and glutes, body parts that tend to absorb the most calories. It offers strength training benefits and improves stamina, ensuring you burn maximum calories during your workout, and it increases muscle fiber density making your body more efficient at burning calories during the day.

People that do the Bar Method workout will usually notice a transformation within the first few months of working out, resulting in a leaner body type with more defined muscles.

Is the Bar Method Right for Me?

If you have any physical limitations, it’s best to speak to your doctor before starting the Bar Method. But because it is low impact yet effective, it is suitable for most people.

The Bar Method is a terrific low-impact workout choice. It burns calories, it’s heart-healthy, and it will help you reach your fitness goals. Will you be including it in your regular exercise routine?

Top Equipment for Bar Method Workouts:

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