Best Cruises for Singles 50+

Best Cruises for Singles 50+

It might be a while before we can start cruising, but now is the time to research and plan.  Some of the best deals can be found right now as companies seek to fill cabins. If there was ever a vacation that offered something for everyone, it’s cruising. The best thing about traveling as a single is that you get to decide exactly what you want to do each day. Cruises offer a wide array of locations and lengths from three-day to 180-day cruises. There are no cruise lines dedicated to singles, but many are currently offering fares that don’t penalize for sailing solo. Here we break down the best cruises for singles 50 and over. 

River and Ocean 

Viking does both river and ocean cruises. This line targets those 50+ by offering great onshore experiences, destination-focused dining, and a 18+ age minimum. They specialize mainly in  European river cruises, with their most popular being The Grand European Tour. Some of the great amenities include beer & wine with meals. Most cruises range from 7-14 days, but some go as long as 44 days. 


UnCruise Adventures is the best cruise line for active older adults. These ships are perfect for those who want to make a lasting friendship since most trips have from 22-99 passengers. The smaller ship size allows you to explore smaller, off the beaten path destinations that bigger boats can’t access. Trip lengths can range anywhere from 7-15 days. Pricing is all-inclusive and including excursions and transfers. Their most popular trip is the Alaskan expedition which includes a healthy amount of hiking, kayaking, and wildlife sightings. The crew is extremely personable, and helpful and will make a schedule of activities for you based on your interests, and activity levels. You can start your day with a rockin’ yoga class and then buzz off for buddy system snorkeling, kayaking, or hiking. 

New Friendships  

Silverseas is an all-suite cruise line for those looking for a premium experience. They do not offer solo cabins but have great deals for those who choose to do so. Ship size ranges from 500-600 passengers. Each suite has a dedicated butler who is there to help you with every need and want. Silverseas does a great job of offering interest programs to connect you with other like-minded individuals. While there are many couples who travel on Silverseas, they have many widows and widowers, as well. They even offer gentleman hosts for dances and other social events to ensure that everyone leaves the ship with a new friendship made.

Learn New Skills

Crystal Is one of the most popular cruise lines for solos. It is a small line but has some of the largest cabins in the industry. The ships have around 800 to 900 people, with 25% usually being single. Crystal’s unique activities include seminars through the Creative Learning Institute. Some of the most popular seminars include wine tastings, Tai-Chi lessons, and art classes. They offer all-inclusive trips, with excursions being an extra charge. This line is also the best at helping those who may have limited mobility. 

Theme cruises 

These cruises don’t necessarily cater to the single senior, but they offer a wide array of activities to keep you entertained. Sixthman offers full theme cruises. These allow you to connect with other individuals who share your interests such as blues music, or rock in a fun festival-like environment. This type of cruise is best for those who want a party environment on the seas. Be ready to be steeped in the theme because you’ll get your fill of it on these trips. 

Even though no one is out on the seas right now, it’s not too early to plan your next sea voyage. Start now to get some of the best deals, and packages, on your next trip.

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Best Cruises for Singles 50+


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