Leg Waxing

Leg Waxing

One of the most surprising ‘never done’ things on my list has been the fact I have gotten to 49 without having any part of my body (excluding eyebrows) waxed. Well, it’s only surprising to my fellow girlfriends. It’s of no surprise to me why anyone would want hot wax poured onto their legs, nether regions, or anything else in between. I mean, seriously? Surely that’s what razors, shavers and immac hair cream was invented for?

Wax On, Wax Off!

However, for the purpose of my challenge, I decided now is as good as time as any to get my legs waxed. But of course, the great hair removal wasn’t as simple as popping along to my trusted beautician…. I’ve had to go through the nightmare of having super hairy legs for nearly 3 months until it was deemed long enough to rip out. On the upside; it’s winter, I live in jeans, I have fair hair and I’m single. Every cloud and all that…

And finally, this week, when I was close to doing a French plat and adding a JoJo bow on each leg, Leanne gave me the thumbs up for the waxing of the year.

Now I didn’t really know what to expect and having received varying degrees of advice from friends – ranging from ‘it doesn’t hurt’ to ‘ouchhhh, good luck’, I was a little nervous and apprehensive to say the least. It may all be worth adding that I have zero pain threshold. Or so I thought.

I hopped on the couch and whilst Leanne chose an upbeat and lively playlist (to take my mind off it apparently!), I took one last look at my very hairy legs. It was like looking at a beige carpet…and it had to go! Fortunately, I didn’t have too long to think about anything else as Leanne rolled the wax on and before I could mutter any last prayers, the wax strip was applied an promptly ripped off at great speed.


And then I got the giggles. Like proper, this is hilarious and it won’t hurt if I don’t think about it, type of giggles. As she continued the ritual of ‘wax on, wax off’ I continued to laugh. Until she moved to my right leg. And for some obscure reason, that leg really hurt – the constant pinching, pulling and ripping of skin and wax bought more than one tear to my eye.

And all of a sudden it was done. I was hair free – well at least from the knee down. (No-one shaves their legs above the knee, do they?!) Apart from a slight tingling, a hot skin feeling and my eyes watering, it wasn’t too bad. And of course, my legs felt amazing – smooth, silky and hair free. Which is ideal when you’re single, live in jeans and it’s winter…. 🙂

Experince 11

So that’s my first ever leg waxing…. would I do it again? If I could cope with growing my leg hair then, absolutely! Do I intend on having anywhere else waxed? Not a bloody chance!

Many thanks to my fabulous beautician, Leanne Lennon, for her patience and making me laugh throughout a fairly painless procedure!

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