Find Your Happy Place as an Entrepreneur

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When I ask an entrepreneur how they feel about the fact they’ve created an income producing venture out of thin air, the responses are similar but they all have the same theme – they’re really happy. Through my blog VentureMom, I’ve had the privilege to interview and profile over 300 female entrepreneurs who’ve started their own business venture. Here are some of their feelings.

“It’s really empowering to run your own business. The biggest gift is to be my own boss.” Ashley Cooke – Everything Home and Family

“It was great being close by for my family and to have that flexibility. I wouldn’t change a thing about my path.” Susan Hess – Golftini

“It’s so great that I’m not sitting behind a desk all day and that I’ve built my own business. I love the creative aspect of coming up with new treat recipes.” Carrie Altman – Zoe’s Doggie Delights

“This is so much fun that I don’t even think of it as work.” Suzanne Einstein – Suzanne Einstein Collections

“It’s something I truly love as much today as I did the first day I made my first bar of soap.” Yvonne Oxley – Komfort Zone

“I recently spoke to a group of middle schoolers in Bridgeport. One 13-year-old girl told me she was inspired to work harder in school when she heard that I kept working for 13 years to finish my book and get it published. That made me beam.” Kristen Harnisch – Author – The Vintner’s Daughter and The California Wife

“I’m so grateful that I was able to transition my career based on changing technology and still do something that I’m good at and something I love.” Susan Morrow – Photographer and Photo Organizer

“I’m happy for the first time in a long time, secure in myself. Opening the studio has given me validation, in a sense, that I can take care of myself and be happy in what I’m pursuing.” Whitney Riegel Mooney – HotHatha Yoga

These female entrepreneurs, like most entrepreneurs, love what they do. They feel so happy they get to do what they love. Starting a business around something you truly enjoy should be the first step when you think of what business to start. Flexibility, especially for moms, is one of the best benefits. So many moms who run their own business love the flexibility that being the boss allows. Finally, the financial benefits of creating your business gives the creator an amazing sense of accomplishment.

Do you want to do what you love and get paid for it? Do you want that extra income and the flexibility to create your own path? Join other female entrepreneurs by starting your own business.


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