11 Awesome Places to Retire on the West Coast

Retiring on the West Coast

The West Coast is a great place to retire. It offers a variety of warm climates, terrific scenery, and exciting things to do.

However, this area of the country is also quite expansive and diverse, and this can make it difficult to pinpoint the best places to retire. This article will make some recommendations to help you narrow down your choices.

West Coast Retirement

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas may seem a bit racy for some seniors, but the city has gentrified over the years. It now offers something for everyone, including retirees. Nevada also has no state income tax and low living costs.

Retirees can take advantage of the many attractions Vegas has to offer. The hotels and casinos make for vibrant living, but there are also plenty of nature areas to enjoy as well. The city has various retirement communities that offer terrific amenities and top-notch healthcare.

Palm Desert, CA

Palm Desert is a popular tourist destination and retirement town. Located in the festival-famous Coachella Valley, its population has been growing as it has become a more desirable place to live over the years. It is surrounded by mountains that contribute to its warm temperatures and lovely scenery.

The city is full of interesting activities. Palm Desert is a popular spot for golf courses and resorts. It is dotted with shopping districts, malls, and art galleries, and it’s just a two-hour drive from Los Angeles.

West Coast Retirement Community

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque is known for being one of the best retirement communities in the country. It offers a variety of breathtaking landscapes, and its sparse population offers a soothing vibe that makes for relaxing senior living.

The city has many retirement community options. Its low cost of living falls a few points below the national average. The warm climate and constant sunshine are also beneficial to emotional health.

Portland, OR

Known as “The City of Roses,” Portland is a diverse community that attracts both the old and the young. It has its share of green areas offering 227 parks. It is also extremely eco-friendly, with several street lanes and paths for bicycles.

Unlike other west coast destinations, Portland’s climate varies so that you can enjoy all four seasons, but it never gets terribly cold. It offers a variety of activities and terrific public transportation, and many homes overlook rivers, parks, and mountains.

Seattle, WA

Seattle is a great place for retirees who are looking for a bustling and diverse community. It has tons of walkable areas, including its vibrant downtown section. You can enjoy its many shops and restaurants or check out its parks, waterways, and mountains.

The city is more expensive than some that surround it, but it makes up for it with a high quality of living. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities and no end of things to explore. Main attractions include Seward Park, Pike Place Market, the Seattle Opera, and the Pacific Northwest Ballet, to name a few.

Retiring on the Coast

Visalia, CA

Visalia is a terrific retirement base as it provides so many opportunities to explore the west coast’s national wonders. This San Joaquin Valley city is the Gateway to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. It also offers a rich cityscape and a vibrant architectural history.

The cost of living tends to be lower than its surrounding communities, and there are various retirement communities to choose from in the area. You can also take advantage of its mild climate, which typically ranges from the mid-50s to the mid-90s.

Olympia, WA

As Washington’s capital, Olympia has been named the fourth best place to live in the United States. It offers retirees a variety of areas to explore, including public parks, conservation areas, and recreation centers. Its proximity to Seattle means excitement is never far away.

Seattle does not have a large senior population, so it doesn’t offer many retirement community options. However, it makes up for this by having a wide selection of medical centers that provide a high level of care and offers an upscale quality of life.

Best Places to Retire on the West Coast

Roseburg, OR

Roseburg is a small Oregon town nestled into the Umpqua River Valley. As such, it offers scenic views of nearby valleys and waterfalls. It is also near Crater Lake, a beautiful national park.

The city offers affordable living options with median home values of $215,000. However, with the area becoming more attractive by the minute, these are expected to rise quickly. Don’t hold off too long on making your move.

Fresno, CA

Fresno is an ideal retirement destination for outdoor adventurers. It offers access to a variety of national parks, including Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia National Parks. The Fresno County Blossom Trail blooms each spring, offering fresh fruit and plant life.

The area has various neighborhoods that are scenic, peaceful, and community-friendly. Housing prices are surprisingly affordable. It offers a mix of metropolitan living and a peaceful rural vibe.

Where to Retire on the West Coast

Lynnwood, WA

With seniors accounting for about 15.3% of Lynwood’s population, this Seattle suburb offers about 1.18 retirement communities per 1000 residents. It has the highest concentration of retailers in the region, and its businesses are supported by the Alderwood Mall. But if you ever run out of things to do in Lynwood, Seattle is just 16 miles away.

The city is relatively safe, ranking below the national and state average for violent crime. It has over 350 acres of open space comprised of 19 community parks and 14 miles of conservation areas. While it does not have any general hospitals, it is located near the Edmonds branch of the Swedish Medical Center and has several specialty clinics in the area.

Brookings, OR

Brookings is a terrific retirement option for retirees seeking the peaceful serenity of nature. Founded in 1908, this old logging town has a population of just 63,000. It is bordered by clean beaches and forests.

The city is not far from the California border, so residents can enjoy the best of both worlds. The proximity to California also means nice, warm temperatures. Popular activities include hiking, kayaking, downtown festivals, garage sales, and art events.

With its large variety of diverse communities, a retirement on the west coast has so much to offer, from awe-inspiring views, interesting activities, and so many places to explore. This makes it a great place for seniors to relocate to when they retire. Which of these areas sounds like they are best suited to your needs?

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