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On the Road Again: A Story of Self-Moving

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To Move or Not to Move?

It’s a big decision. Some people stay in one place all their lives. Then there are those of us who have made a move or two. You might need to relocate for business, a job, a life change or change of scenery. If you’re considering moving, I hope sharing my story will provide some self moving tips you can use.

Go Big or Go Home?

The first thoughts of moving can be somewhat overwhelming. At least, they were for me. Packing and boxing things was my first thought, right after asking myself, “What am I doing?” I wanted to move, but do you do it yourself or hire a company? We chose to pack ourselves and it was the best decision for us. This would be a challenge, no doubt, but doable, since we had downsized last year with the help of an estate company.

An important self moving tip I can offer is to do your research on the options available. Renting a Penske truck had been recommended by a friend, and we decided to take that route. They have several sized trucks and are professional in assisting with your needs and determining what will work best. There are other moving options to consider, like hiring a moving company to pack and move you or rent a POD. A POD is a container you rent, load with your belongings, then they deliver it to your destination. If you need more time to get to your destination, they have an option to store the container for an additional monthly fee. Which option is best for you depends on how far you are moving, your budget, and how much you have to move.

After weighing our options, we figured a 26-foot Penske truck was right for us. We could have reserved a smaller truck (cough, cough) but better safe than sorry. I also needed to tow my car. She might be old, but she was coming with us. Penske offers car carriers you can request when reserving a truck. You pay additional fees for it, but it’s worth it.

Packing Up

When we arrived a year ago in St. Louis, the weather was good. When we left this year, it was cold and rainy with statewide flooding. Many of the boxes that were in the basement were falling apart due to the flooding, so it was going to be a challenge getting the truck loaded. Things had to be wiped down and re-boxed before they were put on the truck. Due to the flooding across the Midwest, we had alternate routes planned, but thankfully, the flooding receded and we were able to take the quickest route.

The further we made our way, the more the weather improved. Dry roads made me very happy at that point, along with a Venti vanilla latte with whipped cream. No skinny anything. Load me up. That was the last stop before hopping on the freeway and heading south.

self moving tips

Open Roads

For a Prime Woman and her two daughters, driving a 26-foot Penske moving truck is an experience that wasn’t quite on my bucket list, but perhaps I can cross it off another of my lists. We were in a bit of a time crunch too, as my eldest daughter had an job interview on Monday morning. The first day that we traveled, we ended up in Sherman, Missouri. I was just glad to be out of St. Louis. The next day brought all new challenges. The truck started showing a warning light. Thankfully, Penske provides fantastic customer service and patience beyond compare as my daughter called them and explained what was happening with the truck, all while guiding me with the GPS. self moving tip

A stop in McAlister, Oklahoma was a must, in order to have the truck serviced. A wonderful family came up from Austin to help us drive the truck on to our destination and get situated. This entire experience has been such a challenge, but has also been graced with many blessings. I hope these self moving tips and tales are helpful for you, too.

Here’s to new beginnings! Cheers!

self moving tips


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