A Few Good Men… And Where to Meet Them

There are a ton of dating apps out there, but some women like to do it the old-fashioned way. Here's where to meet men that are worth it.
where to find good men

There’s nothing better than meeting a man the old-fashioned way… in person. But you’ve searched high and low and still find yourself awash in a sea of liars, losers, and lotharios. This is because meeting quality men in real life is, well, HARD.

A “good man” could be defined as one who has qualities like honesty, integrity, kindness, and ambition, among other things – all attributes that are difficult to gauge on a dating app. In person, you can suss out his body language, the inflections of his voice, and his responsiveness to you, among other things that can get lost in texting. In short, you can get to know the man he truly is. 

So the question of the day is, if good men are out there, how the heck do you find them? While no location guarantees a perfect match, certain places and approaches increase your likelihood of encountering men who align with your criteria and values. Read on for some ideas on unique places to meet men so you can find the meaningful connection you’ve been looking for.

Social and networking events

Things like seminars, conferences, and charity events attract people who are driven and share a commitment to a particular field, interest, or cause. These can be good places to meet quality men focused on their professional lives, personal growth, or making a positive impact. Also, internet sites like or Facebook Events list the goings-on near you. If you don’t happen to meet your dream man, you could make some new friends… who could then introduce you to said dream man.

The airport

Couple at an airport, travel

Think about it. You’re stuck waiting for an endlessly delayed flight. Why not take the opportunity to meet that high-caliber man who’s stuck right along with you? With an abundance of material for conversation – travel plans, vacations, complaining about the airline – there’s no excuse not to say hello. And if you can find your way into the first-class lounge – even better!

Alumni events

Having gone to the same school as him gives you a built-in connection. And your shared educational backgrounds can roll into some excellent conversation. At worst, you reconnect with old friends. At best, you reconnect with your college boyfriend, who turns out to be Mr. Right.

Exclusive social clubs

Social clubs are like fish in a barrel when looking for a good man. These kinds of clubs are often not open to the public, cater to career-oriented individuals, and are usually members-only with an annual fee or referral program. 


People toasting with red wine in restaurant

Start spreading the news that you’re looking to spend quality time with a quality man. People won’t keep an eye out for you unless you speak up and ask them to. And while you’re at it, scroll through their  Facebook pages to see if they have any friends that interest you.  


If altruism is something you’re looking for in a man, then take up a cause yourself and volunteer. It’s not only a noble endeavor but also a fantastic way to meet high-quality men who are committed to making a difference in the world.

Yes, volunteering should first and foremost be about helping those in need rather than meeting men, but studies show that selflessness is linked to life satisfaction and happiness. Doing something that is rewarding while also fostering relationships with both men and women is a win-win. Plus, many highly successful men who donate to a cause also attend the organization’s events. Make sure to try to get the coveted position of sitting at the registration table. You’ll get to meet every person who checks in – and the first shot is the best shot!

Fine dining

Be brave. Be confident. And go out solo. You’ll be more approachable if you aren’t surrounded by a group of people. And remember, high-quality men like to eat at high-quality restaurants, so get out that Michelin Guide.


Couple meeting at a wedding

You’re dressed to impress and in a festive mood. So shine, shine, shine. But don’t drink too much, and forgo the bouquet and garter toss because, chances are, while the younger ones are trying to catch them, the more mature men are at the back of the room, discussing more interesting topics than the color of the bride’s dress.


One of the upsides of single life is the free time it gives you to focus on developing your best self. So find something that intrigues you and learn something new – from pasta making to landscaping. You could meet a man with similar interests that make for some great conversation – and the beginning of a meaningful relationship. is a website wherein people join groups that meet for activities like hiking, investing, wine tasting, etc. An interesting meetup will most likely attract interesting people. So find something you enjoy, and go enjoy it. Even if you don’t find your “one,” you’ll still have some fun and learn something new. 

Educational and cultural venues

Things like museums, art galleries, libraries, and lectures can be excellent places to encounter high-quality men who value knowledge and creativity. These settings tend to attract individuals who are intellectually curious and appreciate the arts – qualities associated with quality partners. You may find yourself discussing a piece of art or engaging in a thought-provoking discussion on a lecture topic. And these interactions could be the beginning of your happily ever after.

Home Depot

Hear me out. If you enjoy crafting or DIY projects, then why not head down to your local hardware store for supplies? And while you’re there, shop for men. Spend a few extra minutes in the power tool aisle and see if there’s someone who strikes your fancy. Try asking him for a little help or an opinion on your project, and boom! You are on your way to a conversation.

The dog park

Fido can be a great conversation starter while giving you a peak into a man’s personality. Dog folks are generally more kindhearted, nurturing, vulnerable, and approachable, and that’s attractive!

Vacation or staycation

man instructor demonstrating how surf

A man on vacation is a relaxed, happy man – and sometimes single and ready to mingle. Take a trip or just knock around your hometown to check out the things in your own backyard that you’ve never experienced before. New sights mean new men. And many travel companies design group excursions, especially for people traveling solo.

Online dating

I know, I know. It’s not in person. But in the digital age, online dating has become one of the most popular ways to meet potential partners. While these platforms require plenty of caution and vetting, let’s be honest, depending on the site you choose (I.e., Raya, The League, Match…), they can be valuable tools for connecting with high-quality men Take the time to craft a thoughtful and honest profile that reflects your values and interests Be selective in your swipes and conversations, focusing on men who align with your criteria for quality Remember that it’s essential to communicate openly and honestly And be clear about your intentions and what you’re looking for in a relationship to attract like-minded individuals.

In truth, aside from seedy bars, there really aren’t any truly bad places to meet good men In fact, some of the most seemingly innocuous places can be the best places A nursery, a coffee shop, the library… How about saying hello in line at the market You’re both trapped there, so you may as well converse But regardless of where you are, be polite, friendly, and kind – everywhere And for the love of God, put down the phone and LOOK UP Be confident, make eye contact, and smile Smile I mean, how hard is that?

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