Pet Adoptions: How Much is that Doggy in the Window?

Do you remember the song? I know I do. There have been many times in my life when the thought of adopting a pet has come up. Often I decided nope, it’s not the right time, or circumstances dictated that I couldn’t have a furry friend by my side.  At other times, I was fortunate enough to enjoy the puppy love of a German Shepherd, a Terrier, a Lhasa Apso, an Akita and now, a Jack Russell Terrier. Their presence has enriched my life. Yes, they’re a responsibility, that’s true, but they are so much fun. They give more than unconditional love and companionship. They just make life better. Many places welcome dogs these days so you don’t have to leave them home. Having mine with me has led to meeting people because they are a great conversation starter.

As we’re getting settled after moving, the topic of getting another dog keeps coming up. I try to avoid it. The choice to have another furry friend in your life is a big decision. Huge. Whether you prefer cats, dogs, birds or other pets, they become a part of the family.

Yesterday, as we arrived at the mall, I noticed a bright green, fluorescent sign. I thought maybe the girls wouldn’t notice if I distracted them into looking in a completely different direction. Too late. “Mom look.” *eyeroll* Yep, there they were. Sign after sign, planted in the grass along the route I had to drive. Pet adoptions.

Our destination just so happened to be in the same area as the pet adoptions. Right there. Right where I was going. There were the tents. You know the ones. You could see them all, knowing there would be major cuteness all around, under those tents. The big ones, the little ones. Glorious cuteness and tails a-wagging. People were walking their dogs on leashes and it was a beautiful day outside. There was a live band and many vendors, including fresh produce, a fresh fruit truck and granola.

Since we’re new to the area, my daughter wanted to go explore and see the puppies, dogs and kittens. They were all precious. They always are! I was happy to see so many people supporting the adoption process. One dog in particular took a liking to Hayli, and if she could have, the dog would be here now.

Spanky and Vivianna

When my girls were younger, we adopted two black Labs. So cute! They were sisters. The adoption process was straight forward and the fees for each puppy, their shots and registration was very reasonable. There are many puppies that need a forever home and the clinics and shelters are a wonderful place to find a loving companion.

spanky - pet adoptions
vivi - pet adoptions

The sisters we adopted were very different in personalities. The names we chose fit them perfectly. Spanky was too funny. Quite the instigator. Happy-go-lucky and mischievous at times, but so sweet and loving. We ended up calling her BooBoo or Booston.

Vivianna, refined and quiet. Her eyes and face were so pretty. She was sweet and loving. We called her Vivi. I miss them every single day.


jacqui - pet adoptions

We’ve had Jacqui (aka Joey, Jojo, Cujo) in our family since late 2007. The Jack Russell Terrier I mentioned earlier, who believes she’s in charge. She does! She does! I love this little one. She’s a character. We always share cheese sticks together. It’s our “thing.” She gets the first piece, several in between and I always give her the last piece.

There’s so much to consider when thinking about pet adoptions. The love that dogs share with us, all the laughter and good times, are priceless. They enrich our lives daily and can teach us. It’s really wonderful to return home and see how happy they are to see you and vice versa.

I dedicate this to King, Gemi, Ferdinand, Elliot, Vivianna, Spanky and Jacqui, with all my love.




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