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Skin Care & Make-Up

How to Choose and Apply the Best Bronzer for Your Skin Tone

During the rainy season, you sometimes can't help but feel that everything is a little....dull. Dull weather, makes for dull evenings, which make for dull emotions. Another thing that is dull coming out of winter and out of the rainy season is our skin. Our skin has taken a hit… Read more

Books and TV

7 Apps That Will Tell You All You Need to Know

Is reading the morning paper and watching the evening news enough to keep you current these days? In a word: no, not if you want to speak intelligently to friends, family and colleagues, at least. The technological age has introduced a whole new form of news reporting to the world… Read more

Featured Destinations

Between Fiction and Reality, Montmartre

For many, Montmartre is the loveliest village in Paris. Artists have immortalized it in hundreds of paintings, songs and movies for decades. Therefore, everyone has a particular image of this neighborhood in their imagination. Montmartre is ever changing with the passing months, colors declining from the gold and red autumn… Read more


Fashion Finds: Top 10 Cropped Jeans

With the temperature rising, so must our denim hems! While most women over 50 are not going to venture into the "daisy duke" territory, and may be a bit traumatized by the whole jort trend, in cropped jeans, there is still a stylish way to keep cool in your beloved denim. With a… Read more

New Surroundings

In Post-Retirement: Who Am I Now?

I had struck up a conversation with a man at an Upper East Side cocktail party. Smallish, wiry guy, nice-looking. We quickly got to the "What do you do?" portion of the entertainment. His answer has stuck with me ever since.   "Well," he said, "I used to be an… Read more


Why Pet Ownership is Good for You

If your home is like 68 percent of households in the United States, you own a pet. About 36.5 percent of households have a dog, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA), while just over 30 percent of U.S. households have a cat. Most of people in these households… Read more


You’re Not Too Old For… Battle Ropes

We tell you lots that strong muscles are important for a long, active life. But what we haven't yet told you is that building strength doesn't have to mean lifting weights. There are cooler, funner ways to get strong. That's where our video series comes in. Battle ropes, slam balls,… Read more


Going Native: 3 Rules While Shopping on Vacation

The beach, the sunshine, the margaritas…it’s all so alluring. That plumeria-scented soap, that six-pound box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts, the gauzy halter dress, all of them can be the vehicles that transport us back to the “land of no responsibilities.” We can almost forget we have a pile of… Read more