2023 Trend: Hipstoric Home Decor

Have you heard of hipstoric design? This trend is set to be huge in 2023. Here's everything you need to know.
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For many people, February and March provide an opportunity to refresh their environments by redecorating their homes. The winter holidays are over, a new year has begun, and a new interior aesthetic can be just the thing to boost your mood and give you the motivation to reach your 2023 goals. Choosing an overall style is often one of the most enjoyable parts of the process. Many individuals, when looking for new design trends, turn toward Pinterest.

Pinterest Trends has been tracking and predicting new trends on its website since 2019. From hair colors to travel destinations and even parenting methods, the folks at Pinterest predict it all. For 2023, they predicted a number of new trends regarding decorating and design, including drought-tolerant landscapes, showers instead of baths, and enhanced entry areas. One of the most popular and easy-to-implement of Pinterest’s design trend predictions was the trend of hipstoric home decor.

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Hipstoric Decor Defined

The term hipstoric, which combines the words hip and historic, was coined at some point around 2013. It was typically used in reference to neighborhoods, hotels, and other venues with long and storied histories. When these places were refreshed to make them more modern and efficient without sacrificing the connection to their historical background, they were dubbed hipstoric, and a new trend began.

Since then, both the term and the trend have become more popular, both in commercial properties and for residential interior design. Hipstoric design is all about making the old new again without sacrificing its original identity. This trend blends a vintage aesthetic with a more modern one. It includes both precious inherited items that may have been passed down for generations with favorite finds from garage sales and thrift stores. The resulting spaces are frequently colorful, eclectic, and nostalgic.

What it Looks Like

renovation - apartment during restoration

There are several ways to incorporate the hipstoric aesthetic into your interior design plans. Individuals with a little extra time and space on their hands may choose to upcycle vintage pieces that may not be otherwise salvageable. This can manifest as vintage furniture being repaired and modernized with new fabrics, updated colors, or updated fixtures. It can also include projects like old shutters being repurposed as a new headboard or an old door being turned into a stunning tabletop.

If you want to achieve the look without the extra crafting, you can simply mix and match your antique and vintage pieces, pairing dark, rich woods with colorful fabrics and vintage textures. You can also find all sorts of upcycled pieces at specialty stores and consignment shops, as well as online.

Features Common to Hipstoric Homes

While the core of hipstoric décor lies in its eclectic nature, there are a few specific components that are frequently incorporated.

  • Antique artwork
  • Bronze accents
  • Cozy textiles
  • Dark wood tones
  • Eclectic design
  • Marble and ceramic finishes
  • Rich colors
  • Statement walls
  • Vintage or Persian rugs
  • Vintage posters

Other 2023 Design TrendsColor samples palette design catalog. New 2023 trending Color Institute 18-1750 Viva Magenta colour

Hipstoric homes aren’t the only popular trend for 2023, however. There are several other styles that are trending for 2023, all of which blend beautifully with hipstoric decor. Let’s explore a few of the most popular.


Although Delux chose a warm, neutral tone called Wild Wonder for their color of the year, people have responded more positively to Pantone’s bold choice for 2023, Viva Magenta. This vibrant, nuanced shade of crimson balances brightness and depth in an optimistic hue.

Welcoming Front Entrance

Searches related to the front doors and entrances have increased exponentially. Homeowners are looking to spruce up the initial façade of the house, including details like changing the front door color, updating their landscaping, and improving the décor in the front hallway.


More and more people are breathing new life into their furnishings with updated varnishes and coverings. Older metal furnishings with slight rust damage can be refreshed with a new powder coating. This method requires specialized equipment like a sandblaster to prepare the furniture, but it can make an otherwise unsalvageable item beautiful again.

Minimal Maximalism

This unusually named design trend is all the rage in 2023. It is characterized by a limited color palette, often accompanied by a single bright accent color, plush, rich materials, and a large array of textures. Faux fur, faux leather, and deep velvets are accented by calming marble or ceramic details. It frequently also incorporates the idea of micro-luxury, a way to embrace the colors and textures that make a space feel calming and luxurious but without the extravagant expense.

Hipstoric designs are nostalgic. They remind us of simpler times and elicit memories of warmth and comfort. At the same time, they are optimistic, bringing new life to beautiful and beloved objects that might otherwise be discarded. It’s easy to see why this trend, which looks eagerly to the future without abandoning the beauty of the past, has become so popular.

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