Antiques & Collectibles Revitalize Your Office or Home Décor

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We tend to enter each new year with renewed vigor, renewed inspiration and a new vision for the year. Why not consider how you can revitalize, invigorate your office or home décor? What can you do to make your home or office more inviting, more a reflection of you? Consider antiques, heirlooms, collectibles and vintage items to add interest, pop, focus and warmth to your office or home décor. The cost can be so minimal, the search fun and fulfilling. Let  your imagination loose with some of these ideas.

Too much of the same style in furniture, accents and accessories can leave a décor looking sterile or overwhelming.  The trick is to add interest and warmth to the existing pallet of your décor. If the addition also performs a service, a utility can be a huge plus. Depending on your wallet and inclination, antique shops, auctions, estate sales, garage sales and online sources offer a multitude of options and inspiration. I personally am most complimented when visitors and clients remark on how lovely or beautiful and, most importantly, how homey it is. I’ve lived in many homes, so it is the warmth of antiques and collectible focal points that seem to be the constant.

Adding to Modern Décor

If you have a modern look with lots of glass and metal, consider adding an antique or vintage collectible graphic as a focal point – such as a porcelain or metal advertising sign, an old graphic poster, or even a beautifully embossed gold leaf frame (print, painting, or mirror) with lots of design. A beautiful wood accent as a wall accent or a piece of furniture such as an old cabinet or dresser will warm up and add individualism to any décor. An antique shadow box frame with depth can be repurposed to showcase a collection. Old cans with graphics, antique tools, old basketry, Native American or ethnic art and collectibles, all add color and interest and life.

Adding to Traditional Décor

If your office or home décor is all traditional, consider adding a contradiction to the theme. Shake it up! A bright abstract or graphic with stunning color can wake up any room. Adding a bright look of glass, mirrors, or metal in contrasting lines from the existing décor of wood will instantly add interest and life to any room.

Old architectural pieces and parts, old advertising, and old industrial pieces are especially fun items to add interest and energy to your environment. Let your imagination loose and have fun, take chances on changes. Your home will reflect that newness and spirit. Consider a factory machinery frame or old or wood hanging cabinet can be lovely and so useful in a bathroom for storage. Old hooks for hanging a robe or towels, an old tractor seats on bases for stools,  newel posts, cornices, machinist drawers…let your imagination run free!

Shop for Usefulness as Well as Beauty

Antiques and old pieces that can not only add interest, but utility, charm and beauty are things you should consider when adding those new focal pieces. In a small space, a corner shelf or cabinet can add needed storage or a focal point. An example would be a dainty small walnut corner shelf in a bedroom or bath to hold favorite colognes and perfumes. Nineteenth century expansion (usually walnut) hat/coat hooks with white porcelain knobs are wonderful as you can expand them to the size you want and hang either vertically or horizontally. You can use it as an entry piece for hats and coats, in your laundry room to hang clothes on, or in your bedroom or bath to display necklaces…visually interesting, attractive, and so useful.

An Art Deco or antique hanging lamp to brighten up a dark corner. Add a comfortable chair to snuggle into and you have a quiet place to read and reflect. An antique crystal chandelier over a soaking tub, a adapted kerosene store fixture in your kitchen or over your dining table, a vintage Chinese enameled lamp on a modern table with an old book is an instant invitation. Hang a grouping of antique and vintage plates themed to match your décor or to add contrast to it. Old Canning jars used as canister storage of sugar, flower, beans, or herbs;  stoneware crockery for storage or mixing all add both visual interest and warmth to your kitchen.

Have fun, be inspired to shake up your office or home décor with antiques, collectibles, vintage and special heirlooms. Wishing you joy and inspiration!


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