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Fitness Trainers Over 40 With Kickass Instagrams

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Ever wonder how some people can find the motivation to get up at 5 a.m. and hit the gym while you can’t even keep both eyes open until after two cups of coffee? The secret lies with the following motivators, fitness trainers, and gurus. Double-tapping counts as cardio, right?

Top Fitness Experts on Instagram Over 40

Chris Freytag


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Chris taps into the most important body part of all: the mind. With mental motivation and her Get Healthy U, getting schooled in the art of fitness is a cinch. Also: healthful recipes that don’t taste like cardboard.

Wendy Ida

We hear it all the time: “It’s never too late.” But only after scrolling through Wendy Ida’s feed do we actually believe it. A superstar bodybuilder at 65, she didn’t even get started on her rock-solid regimen until 43.

Rhonda Layton

You’ve got the equipment but not the motivation. Enter Rhonda, a proud mama, and empowerment coach whose feed is your guide to meal prep, fitness, and a positive lifestyle. “Help me Rhonda,” indeed.

Jill Brown

HIIT, TRX, 2XU: not just a string of meaningless all-caps to you? Then you want Jill. She’s a whiz when it comes to curing sore muscles, stocking supplements, and making creatine go down like Kool-Aid.

Tracy Anderson

Behind many a chiseled celeb is a method developed by Tracy Anderson. Here, you get the intel into what makes the fitness pioneer tick (hint: It’s pizza) and can even steal a few of her moves.

Tracy Acock

Aging is inevitable. Though it’s by no means a flaw, it is a very personal journey to self-acceptance. Tracy knows this, celebrates it, and floods her feed with the effects of it. Best version of you, here you come.

Ramona Braganza

Ramona’s purpose goes beyond workouts vids (although there are those, too) and training Hollywood’s most familiar faces; she started 321Empower, a program that teaches fitness to women rescued from human trafficking in India.

Tania Dalton

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Just checking my Garmin… * PB week for me! 😃 First ever 300+km cycling week (349.5km to be exact) – yeh! And first ever 1000+km cycling month (and still a few days to go) – double yeh! * I have a very long journey ahead of me if I am ever going to become a decent enough cyclist to complete a full ironman triathlon. But, this last week has given me a boost to my confidence – despite my fall 😢. I have now exceeded the total distances on the road that I achieved in both 2016 and 2017 – in 3 months! * When I made the decision on 1 January to seriously give this thing a go, I knew it was going to be hard for me. And, it is very very hard. And, I will be training even harder as the year progresses – I haven’t even really got started with running or swimming yet! * Just need to continue to remind myself of the Lao Tzu quote – ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’ (or maybe pedal 🤣). * #becomingacyclist #whywetri #womenfortri #triathlon #garmin #nevertooold #ageisjustanumber #disruptingage #fitover40 #fitat49 #justgettingstarted #roadtoironman

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Fitness inspiration doesn’t have to be all gym selfies and WODs. It can be snaps of sunset cycling, amateur surfing, and lakeside Ironman training. This Aussie takes her training outdoors, and you’ll love every captured moment.

Lorraine Cladish

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Sometimes I forget I’m turning 55 in August. Age is way more than a number and yet I don’t think it should keep us from breaking stereotypes. For those who ask when I started yoga — I found my way back to it at 51 and I practice daily. But my practice is built on a lifetime of being a runner, dancer, swimmer, and an ocasional yogini. I’ve shared often how I started my sports and meditation journey for mental health reasons. I was really young. 12. I became certified as a fitness instructor at 21 and although I identify most with being a writer, I was a part time fitness and dance instructor until my early 30s. The body, mind and spirit have memory. Never too early to start caring for them but also never too late! #handstand #yogaeverydamnday #disruptaging #cincuentañera

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Life’s curveballs are really just reasons to do yoga, meditate, and watch funny movies. At least that’s the case for Lorraine, a mom, writer, yogi, and now just the inspiration you need to perfect the mermaid pose.

Mandy Ingber

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💓wide open

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Mandy’s account is like the intersection of entertainment and yoga. A former Cheers actress, she’s traded the small screen for a yogalosophy that taps into inner and outer strength.

Kacy Duke

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Happy 4th everybody! Make a wish on this rainbow!

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Get off the scale. And into the mindset that you can’t put a number on how you feel. That’s the gist of Kacy’s mantra. She’s a celeb trainer whose recent focus is on getting that midsection swimsuit ready.

Julie Diamond

If there’s anyone who can cure your fear of those dreaded kettlebells, it’s Julie. A trainer and life coach, she’s pro-weights and just the motivation to get you off that elliptical and swinging that bell.

Jill Miller

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Want to get a-head in your anatomy knowledge? Join me at CoreQuest Yoga in Wautoma WI March 9 – 11 and find out what I’m pointing to, as well as learn about many other bony points and soft tissues in your body. It’s the first Yoga Tune Up® Embodied Anatomy training in Wisconsin and @cathyfavelle and I would looooove to share it with you 💀💫 Move on from studying anatomy like this 📚📝🙄 instead, EXPLORE, DISCOVER and INTEGRATE through your marvelous body to capture a deep understanding of it. Details about registration in link and at tuneupfitness.com⠀ ⠀ #anatomy #ytu #yoga #fitfam #bodynerd #anatomygeek #embodyyourbody #embodyyourmind #neverstoplearning #rmm #teachertrainer #studentforlife #justrollwithit #joblove #integratedanatomy #movementmotivated 📷 @gwenyeageryoga ( #📷 @laurmoves via @latermedia )

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This account has balls: Courageous balls, therapy balls, punny balls. Better yet: Jill, the founder of Tune Up Fitness, shows you how to use them to relieve pain, enhance gut health, and improve posture.

Davina McCall

Sometimes you just need someone to tell you to “put away that magazine and work harder.” You get that from Davina, a fitness guru with a six-pack for days. Want new kitchen favorites? She’s got those, too.

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