Top 5 Motivational Quotes for Living Your Best Life

motivational quotes can help your mind bloom

Maybe you’ve heard these motivational quotes before and need a refresher. Maybe you’ll find one that speaks to you today. Refer back whenever you need a reminder that you are in control of living your best life.

1. What We Think – We Become

I have written many times about the power of our mind.  What we put into our mind, manifests into our lives.  Basically, we are what we think.  This quote by Buddha is simple yet profound.  My own negative self-talk can become pretty loud at times and so this quote reminds me that I am whatever I think I am.  It is crucial for our own self-confidence and esteem, we must fill our mind with positive thoughts of ourselves. Thoughts such as … “I am strong,” “I am confident,” I am smart” and “I am worthy.”

2. When Fear Becomes Motivation, Success Will Soon Follow

We all know that fear is often the main reason for keeping us in one place.  Fear holds us back from what we can be, what we can experience and, honestly, from growing.  I love the quote “When fear becomes motivation, success will follow.”  If we can bring forth the courage to face our fear, the world opens up for us!  Remember the scariest step is the first step, but we must take it.  We need to realize if we look beyond the fear then our greatest dreams become a possibility.

3. Falling Down is an Accident, Staying Down is a Choice

Life knocks us all down at times.  Sometimes, it is something small and irritating but not hard to bounce back from.  Other times, we get knocked down and we truly do not think we can get back up.  I love this quote for it tells us that no matter what or why we get knocked down, getting back up is 100% our choice.  Remember, you determine if being down is a momentary thing or a permanent one.

4. If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change

Another infamous statement we have heard is that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results.  My Granny used to say that nothing will change unless you want it to.  So, when I read this quote, I think of her. If we are not happy with something – a relationship, our jobs, where we live, the people we are around  – nothing will change unless you do something to change it.  Often, we find ourselves in a pity party when there is something we don’t like or makes us unhappy.  We really want to wallow in it and then hope it changes itself.  In reality, we must make the changes we want to see in our lives. 

The best way to do this is to take time to figure out what exactly it is you want to change, why you want it to change and steps you need to take to make it happen.  Having a clear idea of how to make the changes helps eliminate any surprises that might pop up along the way.  So, remember nothing changes unless you change it!


5. Enjoy Every Moment

My mother had dementia.  We were lucky to slow the progress of it down for several years, but after a few years, something happened that triggered the illness to progress very quickly.  Within a matter of three months, my mother went from someone who was capable of staying by herself for a day or two to someone who needed 24/7 supervision.  What caused this massive down-slide, we do not know.  What I can tell you I learned is… we know nothing about dementia and Alzheimer’s!  Experts do not know what causes it, why it is severe in some and mild in others, what triggers the progression. 

The only thing they know is that dementia linked to eventual Alzheimer’s has no cure at this time.  We had to place my mother in a care facility. We watched as the mother and wife we knew just disappear right in front of our eyes.  When we would visit, we never knew which version of her we would get.  Some days she did not recognize us and other days she would.  It was during those lucid times, which were getting further and further apart, I learned to just truly be in the moment — to put everything else aside and enjoy those few moments of what we had. 

We unexpectedly lost my mother a year ago (nothing due to her dementia) but the one thing this disease taught me was that every moment counts.  Life is not just made up of the big events, but instead is made up of thousands of small moments!  I learned to just be in the moment.  I recently read a motivational quote on Instagram from @christopherkorey that stated “Instead of always worrying about where you’re headed, try enjoying where you are. It’s a better place than you think.”  Keep this in mind, ladies.  Enjoy where you are at right now, right this minute!  You will never get this time back so learn to be in the moment.

Feed Your Mind Positive Things

I love to write and have often thought it would be fun to write and publish a motivational journal for women.  I know there are hundreds if not thousands of journals out there, but nothing really resonates with me.  Maybe I should create one!  Who knows? One day you ladies might see it.  In the meantime, follow my IG page @dr.bethanyj for daily motivational quotes.  Also here are a few recommendations for you in regard to feeding our minds with positive thoughts and understanding the power of our minds:

What adjectives can you think of that describe the modern-day Prime Woman?  Can you use them for your personal motivational quotes? Let’s show the world that we are not what society says older women should be!!!  Remember, ladies, you are:  worthy, smart, brave, courageous, fearless, adventurous, funny, talented, generous, soft, determined and loved. 




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