It seems like nowadays you can find organic vegetables,  fruits, and even organic mac & cheese, but have you tried organic wine? Organic wines are having a moment, but it is often challenging to decipher based on just the label. Sometimes the back label will say “made with organic grapes” or organically grown.  It may also be “certified organic” from one of the hundreds of certification boards around the country.

We tried the best organic wines and picked out our favorites. Cheers!

Wine Vineyard

Cantina Tollo

Cantina Tollo is named after the historic town of Tollo. Nestled between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines Mountains of the Italian peninsula, it is truly a sight to see. Vineyards are as close as 3 miles to the sea,  leading to a  sea breeze tang to the wines.

The winery was established in the 1960s and showcases local, indigenous varieties for their organic wines. Hilly vineyards, abundant sunshine, and steady winds prevent mold and other damage to the grapes. Its location allows for the reduction of un-natural spraying that would interfere with the production of organic wine. The winery has been lead in by generations of winemakers seeking to enhance the craft.  They are a true believer in being eco-conscious and practice that in every step of the winemaking process.

Each of their bottle’s labels features an ecosystem-friendly insect or bioindicator. They are hand-drawn in vivid sea blue, reflecting the importance of insects in organic farming. Each insect represents a particular sector of the ecosystem. For example, the ladybug on one label is proof of environmental health. On another, a bee represents the role they play in the quality and production of our food. 

The unusual squat bottle shape reflects the farming heritage of the past and the traditional homemade wine. The winery seeks to ensure that their packaging is also eco-friendly. The label is created from recycled paper, and cotton fibers, the capsule is PVC- free, and the box comes from recycled cardboard.

Wine Label

Our Favorites

Here are our favorite wines, and best of all, they are all Cantina Tollo vegan or organic wines. 

  1.  Trebbiano d’Abruzzolight, dry, gentle and fresh white with notes of lemon, almond sliver, candle wax, and sea salt.
  2.  Terre di Chieti Pecorinolight, tart, and frizzante white with notes of lemon, pink grapefruit, and biscotti. 
  3. Terre di Chieti Passerina – light, dry and crisp white with notes of lemon pith, starfruit, fennel seed, and dried herbs.
  4. Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo Rosato – light, tart, and bone-dry rosé with notes of pink grapefruit, raspberry, pomegranate, peach, and seashell.
  5.  Montepulciano d’Abruzzolean and bone-dry red with notes of cherry, mulberry, red licorice, oregano, sage, white mushroom, and espresso bean.

Above all, the winery hopes consumers will feel connected and help play a role in preserving the environment. Winemaker Andrea Di Fabio sums it up – “Today, more than ever before, we have to carefully observe the signals of the environment, understand it, respect the Earth and produce sustainably and consciously.”

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