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Kouign-Amann: Heaven-Sent Pastry

 A Tiny Cake with a Big Flavor

What the heck is a kouign-amann — pronounced ‘queen a-mahn’?  Well, it’s not a question I would have  known to ask.  And I consider myself a connoisseur of all French pastries, and a francophile from an early age.  Then, I wandered into Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie (post-workout of course) after moving to Uptown.  The modern pop aesthetic of the bakery mirrors their delectable desserts. Plus, you don’t need to travel far because Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie is located here in the big D – not Brittany, France from which kouign-amann hails.

flour flurry

A deft hand with the flour sifter makes for a flakier pastry.

Perfect, Inside & Out

This tiny, cake-shaped croissant is unassuming at first sight, but the flavor profile is a real knockout from the first deliciousness bite to the last.  Remember the movie when Sally met Harry?  Well, it’s that kind of lip-lickin’ experience. The light, flaky croissant outside protects the rich, buttery layers of perfection on the inside.  Browsing pastry case after case, I think it’s easy to focus on the outside appearance of any confection, but for kouign-amann, the bottom is the best part! Caramelized sugar, calling to mind a fired crème brûlée, provides the base for this pastry. French pastry chefs are known for employing clever, playful and perfect flavor profiles. Kouign-amann is certainly no exception. Magnifique!

pastry choice

Kouign amann is a tiny Breton cake that makes for a real taste treat!

Winner Takes the Cake

Since discovering this decadent delight, I’ve tried versions from any number of bread makers & French bakeries in Dallas, as well as the wider world.  But in my humble opinion, Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie truly is the crème de la crème!  French-manicured hands-down the best pastry by the best pastry makers on this side of the pond. But of course, I’ve yet to make my way back to France to experience the true original.

Until then, I will continue rewarding myself for every Saturday morning jog on the Katy Trail.  After all, the nutritionists say the best time to consume excess calories is right after a workout. The extra exercise heat haze adds melt-in-your-mouth joy.  So, don’t saunter, sprint to your closest Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie to get your own kouign-amann before they’re sold out for today!   Au revoir & bon appétit!

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