7 Apps That Will Tell You All You Need to Know

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Is reading the morning paper and watching the evening news enough to keep you current these days? In a word: no, not if you want to speak intelligently to friends, family and colleagues, at least. The technological age has introduced a whole new form of news reporting to the world and it’s minute-to-minute. Access to mobile devices has generated a culture that thrives on what’s happening right now and anything short of that is old news.

The tricky part is finding resources that not only provide up-to-date information but are trustworthy, at the same time. Whether you are interested in what the trendiest Kardashian is up to or you hunger for something political, there is a solution out there that will tell you all you need to know.


The nice thing about Flipboard is the variety and personalization. It works like a mobile magazine but one that stays current. You can set the app up to show you the latest fashion news, keep you current on celebrities and educate you about new discoveries in healthcare. If you are interested in it, this app will show it to you and tell you all you need to know.

Once you create your personal settings, you simply open it up and flip through the pages just like a magazine. Flipboard is available for both Android and iOS systems and is free to download. There is also a family sharing feature that allows up to six family members to read the same stories.


Yes, it’s all the rage with teens these days but what does Snapchat have to offer a news-hungry adult? There is a lot more to this social media network than you might realize. When you sign up for Snapchat, you can opt to read regular posts for some very newsworthy sources like CNN, ESPN, National Geographic, People and even the Food Network. You can also use this app to follow your favorite celebrities, industry influencers and, of course, family and friends. You’ll find Snapchat available at no cost on both iTunes and Google Play.


Feedly is a news aggregator. What that means is it reaches out into the cloud and gathers up all the news that might interest you based on settings you create. It doesn’t really matter what you are looking for because if it’s out there, this app will find it and as soon as it hits the Internet day or night. You can use Feedly free on both Android and iOS systems.

Google News

If you want something a little more old school than look no further than Google. Google News organizes news stories as they happen from around the world. The news app provides a briefing section, so you can skim headlines. Read the full story with just one tap of a finger, too. You organize topics based on your interest and Google finds them for you. One additional plus about Google News is they only offer articles from credible news sources, so you won’t get a headline from just anyone’s blog. You can access Google News on both Android and iOS phones, too, and it costs nothing to download.

AP News

If you really just want to focus on the news then what better source is there than the Associated Press. They have an app that will give you minute-to-minute news from around the world. It’s a very basic set up, which will appeal to those of you that want to avoid all the bells and whistles, too, so you just see breaking news as it happens. As with most of these apps, you can download AP News for both Android and iOS systems for free.


Nuzzel takes a different approach to keeping you in the conversation. It’s geared more to professionals that need to catch up on the go. Unlike other news aggregate setups, this one feeds you headlines based on what your friends are reading and talking about on social media. How? You have to sign up for an account using either LinkedIn or Twitter. Look for it on both iTunes and Google Play. The only thing it costs you is some data since you are giving the app access to your social media account.


If you want a well-rounded app with access to just about everything under the sun, then Buzzfeed fits the bill. Expect to find everything from trending news to recipes to quizzes consolidated on your homepage. It’s got a little bit of something for everyone and is available for both Android and iOS phones at no cost.

Technology puts all the latest news at your fingertips, so you can have everything you need to know. You just have to know where to look.