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emotional vampires

How to Defend Against 5 Emotional Vampires

Emotional vampires can wear many different disguises -- from workplace bullies to needy relatives to poor-me complainers. Intentionally or not, these ... Read More
Wellness Feature

Wellness: Bringing Together Body, Mind and Spirit

Many people strive to be fit and physically healthy without understanding the true meaning of wellness. Wellness isn't just a physical characteristic.... Read More

Are You Mind Full or Mindful?

It’s a simple question. But are you able to recognise the difference between the two states in yourself? There is a big difference. And mindfulness ... Read More

How to Catch Depression Early On

When we think of depression, we may imagine being permanently pyjama-clad, lying in bed or on the sofa in a dark room, unable to move. Clinical depres... Read More

How Winter Affects Your Brain

Studies new and old have shown that, in fact, moods and behaviors do change depending on seasons, and similarly, brain activity also changes. Here’s... Read More

Why Having a Hobby is So Important

In our busy world, hobbies, or pursuits we enjoy for leisure, often take a back seat. It has become increasingly rare to spend a great deal of time on... Read More

Midlife Happy Dance: Women in Their Prime

For every women, midlife is a unique time of life filled with challenges and  opportunities. For women in the corporate or business world it can some... Read More
Thyroid Symptoms Feature

7 Scary Thyroid Symptoms You Need to Watch Out For

Too many times, the natural process of aging is blamed for troublesome symptoms. How many times have you heard someone refer to their age as the reaso... Read More
how to lose weight

5 Ways to Get a Diet Head Start on Party Season

What do the holiday season and the summer months have in common? We are suddenly conscious of our weight. Yes, it's important to be healthy 365 days a... Read More

10 Major Myths of a Healthy Lifestyle

Confused about all the counter-intuitive advice out there on how to live a healthy lifestyle and lose the extra pounds? Let me help you clear up some ... Read More
Positive Thinking Feature

Think Happy, Be Happy

Our thoughts are central to our character. They determine our emotions, how we react to the world in tragedy or in celebration, and how we live mental... Read More
take care of yourself

Check Your Emotional Meter

In our busy world today, we may often feel overloaded, both physically and emotionally. These may be very real and concrete stressors, placed on us by... Read More
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