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face mask hearing loss

What To Do When Face Masks Interfere With Your Hearing

Face masks may be the new normal this year, but some of us are definitely having a harder time than others. When facial expressions disappear under a ... Read More

The Most Common Questions To Ask a Gerontologist

My goals as a gerontologist are to empower, educate, and energize women using great information backed up by sound science. We deserve to be the maste... Read More
4 best smartwatches for women's health tracking

The 10 Best Smartwatches For Women’s Health

Before, watches used to carry out one purpose: to tell time. However, as technology progressed and advanced, it has become more competent and efficien... Read More
woman in woods

How To Finally Deal With Urinary Incontinence

Sponsored Post in partnership with Femaxeen® If you're experiencing urinary incontinence, you're not alone — UI affects almost 25 million adult ... Read More
tinctures for sleep and digestion

How To Use Tinctures To Improve Your Sleep, Digestion, & More

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why you should filter your water

4 Compelling Reasons to Filter Your Tap Water

Most people think their tap water is safe. After all, you get water quality reports from your city, and you have regulatory bodies that enforce water ... Read More
benefits of cast iron

Are Cast Iron Pans Really THAT Healthy?

We're all aware of the importance of getting enough vitamins and minerals, but how many of us are cooking with our iron levels in mind? It turns out t... Read More
air-purifying essential oils

The Best Essential Oils For Purifying Air

Holistic approaches to health and wellness are becoming increasingly popular, and it seems no stone has been left unturned. From organic superfoods to... Read More
Yoga for Brain Health: Could Yoga Poses Now Prevent Dementia Later?

Yoga for Brain Health: Could Yoga Poses Now Prevent Dementia Later?

If you’re not on the mat yet, you might want to reconsider adding some yoga poses to your schedule. Older adults are the recent subjects of interest... Read More
longevity medicine

How Longevity Medicine Is Changing How We Live

As futurist and researcher on aging Aubrey de Grey told us about living to 100 and beyond: “Aging is the one disease we’re all born with.” Thoug... Read More
hot flashes in menopause

Why Hot Flashes Vary From Woman To Woman

When your ovaries are still going strong and you’re dreading the onset of the Big M, you’re likely worrying about what exactly to expect. You're p... Read More
Why Is Hormone Balance in Women So Important?

Why is Hormone Balance in Women so Important?

I am often asked why I dedicate the majority of my work to hormone balance in women. In my opinion, hormones are the foundation of health. If we use t... Read More