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Flossing Teeth

Why Flossing Your Teeth May Save Your Life

Your whole life, you've been told that flossing your teeth will benefit your oral health and decrease the number of dental problems you may experience... Read More
Brain Health

Brain Health: The Things You Can Do to Make It Stronger

Getting older is something we all struggle with, from the thought of our increased age to the aging of our bodies. Some feel it in their joints and bo... Read More
female dryness

Female Dryness: A Topic We Rarely Discuss

Sponsored PostAs if there weren’t already enough unpleasant side effects of aging, one we rarely talk about (even with our doctors!) is the vagi... Read More
Menopause Treatment

OB-GYN Shortage: How Tech is Filling the Care Gap for Menopause Treatment

“Half of US counties lack a single OB-GYN” says a recent article in the Association of American Medical Colleges, “and some women’s lives are ... Read More
Go Red for Women

It’s Time to Go Red for Women

“I had the "Big One", the widower maker. The rest, well, it’s quite a story, but I am alive. I have a second chance at life.” Andrea, heart att... Read More
Substance Use Disorder

Signs You May Be Struggling with Substance Use Disorder

Special thanks to today’s sponsor, Seasons in Malibu, and our guest author Dr. Nancy Irwin.From comically-oversized wine glasses to supersized r... Read More
Finding Happiness

8 Ways to Finding Happiness Right Now

As a Life Design and Health Coach and the founder of a company called Healthy Happy and Hip, I think about ways to help my clients feel healthier and ... Read More

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Metabolism, But Didn’t Even Think to Ask!

Metabolism. You’ve heard the term before. People complain, “I’ve got a slow metabolism. I just can’t lose weight.” Diet gurus urge, “Get t... Read More
Menopause Weight Gain

A Balancing Act: Tip the Scales in Your Favor

Much has been written of the challenges of menopause, particularly of coping with changes to our bodies, metabolism, and weight gain. It can be a big ... Read More
Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

The Buzz on Booze and the Brain

A new year is an opportunity to start fresh. That’s something to celebrate, whether it’s with a champagne toast among friends or a glass of wine a... Read More
OBGYN About Menopause

What Your OB/GYN Wants You to Know About Menopause

So the fact that your body at 40 or 50 is a bit different from your body at 25 probably comes as a surprise to exactly nobody. Menopause happens to us... Read More
Digestive Disorders

How I Keep My Stomach From Feeling Its Age

There is a lot of good that comes with growing older. It might mean you get to slow things down a bit and enjoy grandchildren, for example. You are th... Read More
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