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herbs for stress and anxiety

10 Magical Herbs to Soothe Stress and Anxiety

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Heel Pain – Why Does it Happen and How To Fix It

When you’re trying to stay fit and healthy, there’s almost nothing more frustrating than chronic pain. When it occurs in the heel, it can be incre... Read More
How to make a vision board

Vision Board: Help Your Resolutions Succeed

Are your New Year’s resolutions already off track? Not to worry. Now is the perfect time to reboot, starting with a vision board! Most of us make... Read More
Benefits of MCT oil

7 Benefits of MCT Oil

Here at Prime Women, we come by a lot of new and interesting diets, supplements, and ingredients. Of course, many of them claim to have life-changing ... Read More
worst sleep position

THIS Is The Worst Sleep Position For Your Health

As we age, it seems like sleep becomes more and more challenging. That’s because it is. A variety of things contribute to our quality of sleep going... Read More
Stop worrying too much

Are You Worrying Too Much? Put Your Mind at Ease

You’ve felt it. That anxious and fearful feeling in the pit of your stomach, a fast, racing heartbeat and those pervasive ‘what if’ thoughts tha... Read More
how much sleep

How Much Sleep Do We Need At Different Ages?

If you are one of those people that fall asleep the minute your head hits the pillow, way to go! Getting quality zzz's can be an incredibly challengin... Read More
hormone level changes

Are Hormone Level Changes Affecting Your Quality of Life?

Thanks to the advances in medicine, we are living longer - but is our quality of life maintained? We know the importance of proper nutrition and regul... Read More
metabolic health

How To Find Out If You’re Actually Metabolically Healthy

Do you consider yourself to be metabolically healthy? Many people think that they are because of the average weight. However, this isn’t always the ... Read More
better balanced life

How To Promote Better Balance In Your Life

We often believe if you are taking care of your body physically, then we are nurturing our health. Perhaps you believe you are living a well-balanced ... Read More
pumpkin seed oil

Your New Secret Anti-Aging Ingredient: Pumpkin Seed Oil

Many of us consider pumpkins only when we're decorating our homes in October and prepping our Thanksgiving meals, but pumpkin has plenty of other uses... Read More
hormone imbalance

Hormone Imbalance: The Causes and How to Manage Them

Quite often when we think about hormone imbalance in menopause we think about low estrogen and other female hormone imbalances. I’ve seen thousands ... Read More