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How To Find Self-Love at ANY Age | PRIMEWomen.com

How To Find Self-Love at ANY Age

As women, we tend to struggle with things like self-love. We inherently put the needs and happiness of those around us first, and think about ourselve... Read More
The Benefits of Ecotherapy, Mother Nature’s Healing Ability | PRIMEWomen.com

The Benefits of Ecotherapy, Mother Nature’s Healing Ability

Have you ever been feeling down, unmotivated, stressed, and stepped outside and felt better? It's no coincidence. The answer to many of our physical, ... Read More
beating high blood pressure, women takes her own

Beating High Blood Pressure

When we reach 50, statistics tell us that we are more likely to fall victim to various medical conditions including high blood pressure. But you are n... Read More
woman living a long healthy life

Tips For A Longer Healthier Life

We can all agree that we want to live longer and healthier lives. Her are a few simple tips to help you lead a longer and healthier lifestyle. So, let... Read More
cryotherapy capsule

How Cryotherapy and Infrared Saunas Help Heal

When it comes to sports recovery and pain relief, some people are going to extremes — extreme temperatures, that is. Check almost any Instagram feed... Read More
woman wrist risk factors

Is Anxiety Contributing to Your Osteoporosis Risk Factor

Is Anxiety Contributing to Your Osteoporosis Risk Factor? You read that correctly. In women over fifty-five, scientists now believe that anxiety and ... Read More
best vitamins to take

6 Powerful Vitamins for Women 50+

While a healthy, well-rounded diet should give us the nutrition we need, dietary supplements can help us get the right amount of specific, essential n... Read More
brain-gut connection

Optimizing Your Brain-Gut Connection

If you struggle with mood swings, anxiety, and/or foggy thinking, you are not alone—far from it. The good news is that there are modifications you c... Read More
dealing with depression

Tips for Dealing with Depression

Everyone feels low from time to time. And there are innumerable reasons for why we feel these lows: financial stress, social strains, grief & loss... Read More
staying in tune with your body

Staying in Tune with your Body

We all know the importance of keeping a vehicle serviced and tuned up to prevent it from breaking down and to keep it in great driving condition. As m... Read More
blockheads - mental wellness

Next-Level Mental Health: The Gut-Brain Axis

Calling all you ‘clean’ eaters, exercise advocates & overall healthy women doing the right things for your body using practical wisdom and pro... Read More
thinking at desk - brain performance

The Age of Novel Thinking

When you think about your brain performance, at what age do you believe it was functioning at its peak? When do you feel that you were in your optimal... Read More