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Managing Anxiety with gaming; or using Indica or Sativa to treat anxiety

Indica or Sativa for Anxiety: What’s the Difference?

Anxiety is not at all uncommon for people here in the United States. A variety of situations can cause anxiety, and it can be short-lived, or it can b... Read More
AliveCor SP Couple heart healthy

How to Stay Heart Healthy During the Holidays

Sponsored post. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women in the U.S., accounting for nearly 1 in 5 female deaths.1 Keeping up with your... Read More
Smart and Effective Ways to Deal with Anxiety

Smart and Effective Ways to Deal with Anxiety

Approximately 40 million Americans have an anxiety disorder. Having anxiety makes it incredibly difficult to function in modern society. People who ha... Read More
Mastering emotions - block showing a happy or sad face - choose your mood

Strategies for Mastering Your Emotions

Our emotions can be difficult to deal with sometimes. They can often overwhelm us, cloud our judgment, and hold us back from reaching our goals. Howev... Read More
Swollen ankles and menopause

Is There a Connection Between Swollen Ankles and Menopause?

The female body can go through some serious changes as it approaches menopause. As our hormone levels begin to fluctuate, we can experience a shift in... Read More
emotional vampires

How to Defend Against 5 Emotional Vampires

Emotional vampires can wear many different disguises -- from workplace bullies to needy relatives to poor-me complainers. Intentionally or not, these ... Read More
Couple laying in bed - Perimenopause sex drive

Is Perimenopause Affecting Your Sex Drive?

For many women, menopause can feel liberating— no more surprise visits from Aunt Flo or having to worry about an unplanned pregnancy. At the same ti... Read More
Asian woman smiling - ProBiora Health oral care

Here Come The Holidays – Give the Gift of Health!

Special thank you to ProBiora Health for sponsoring this post!  Yes, indeed – it’s time to start gearing up for family, fun, and festiviti... Read More
Weight loss vision board

Get Healthy With A Weight Loss Vision Board

If you've found yourself stuck when it comes to your health goals, consider a weight loss vision board that you can use to be a constant reminder. Goa... Read More
Best sleeping position for sinus drainage; woman unable to sleep

Best Sleeping Position For Sinus Drainage

The sun is rising later and setting earlier; temperatures are dropping, and pumpkin spice is everywhere. Fall is officially upon us. Fall is the seaso... Read More
menopause and snoring, couple in bed

Is Menopause Causing You to Snore?

As women get older, a good night’s sleep seems to become more elusive. From feeling stressed and unable to settle down to needing to use the bathroo... Read More
Mammogram Markers - radiologist looking at mammography results on x-ray.

Mammogram Skin Markers: Adding Clarity to Your Yearly Exam

Thank you to Beekley Medical®  for sponsoring this post to share more information about breast cancer awareness and women's health.  Whe... Read More