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Perimenopause anxiety in the morning

Is Early Morning Anxiety a Sign of Perimenopause?

Being female comes with a variety of amazing experiences. Yet, it can also bring its share of challenges and difficulties as well. That is especially ... Read More
Coping with knee pain

Coping with Knee Pain

First, let it be known to all that I am not a doctor or even close to a qualified medical expert. What I am offering here are some tips for copin... Read More
Woman with a sore neck or neck pain from text neck

Stop Pain Caused by Text Neck Syndrome

Do you ever wonder why you have an ongoing ‘ouch’ in your neck, wrist, or arm? HINT: The cause may be what you’re doing up to 58 times a day. ... Read More

Coronavirus: A Reminder to Boost Our Immune System

As Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, and it’s unknown how well those vaccines are going to hold up, people are waking up to what the... Read More
Menopausal Bloat

Why Women Over 50 Bloat And What to Do About It

Bloating is one of the most frequently experienced problems by women entering perimenopause and menopause. It is so prevalent that it is often referre... Read More
The Best Essential Oils For Purifying Air

The Best Essential Oils For Purifying Air

Holistic approaches to health and wellness are becoming increasingly popular, and it seems no stone has been left unturned. From organic superfoods to... Read More
Natural remedies for Sinus pain relief

8 Natural Remedies For Sinus Pain

Seasonal allergies strike at the worst possible time, leaving us feeling under the weather and making it hard to keep up with our daily routines. You'... Read More
Woman Sleeping on her back for a good sleeping position

The Best Sleeping Position for Neck Pain and Headaches

Do you suffer from chronic neck pain and headaches? Unfortunately, both of these are common issues. There are a number of different reasons you may be... Read More
essential oils for inflammation or aches and pain

A Natural Remedy for Inflammation: Essential Oil

Inflammation causes pain and discomfort throughout your body. For centuries, naturopathic healers have used essential oils to treat a range of inflamm... Read More
Ways to relieve muscle pain in your legs caused by menopause

Menopause, Sleep, and Restless Leg Syndrome

Sleep is elusive for many women in menopause. You’re exhausted, desperate to get just a few hours of uninterrupted sleep; you start to drift off at ... Read More
Health Assessment

Beating High Blood Pressure

When we reach 50, statistics tell us that we are more likely to fall victim to various medical conditions, including high blood pressure. But you are ... Read More
During a dopamine fast, you unplug from everything and relax

What is a Dopamine Fast and Is It Right For You?

Over the past year, many of my friends have mentioned trying intermittent fasting (where you only eat on certain days or during set time frames) for... Read More