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cbd for anxiety and depression

Could CBD Be A New Solution for Depression And Anxiety?

What exactly is CBD?  It is a kind of natural compound called a cannabinoid, which is derived from the cannabis plant.  It is directly derived from ... Read More
meditation for mindfulness

Squash Your Self-Critic with Meditation. Increase Mindfulness and Gratitude.

I have been meditating now over half of my life with a regularity that rivals brushing my teeth.  Despite all the time I have spent sitting still on ... Read More

Best Gift Ever: A Holiday Stress Management Strategy

I woke up in the morning with indigestion. As I switched on the lamp on the bedside table with one hand, I popped two anti-acids into my mouth with th... Read More
Prime Writers Thankful for lots this Thanksgiving day

What Prime Women Are Thankful For

Whether you're spending Thanksgiving the way you wish or not... Or even celebrating the American-only holiday at all, we hope you'll use today as a pr... Read More
Practice Gratitude Feature

Gratitude is Good for You

With Thanksgiving this week, I thought it’d be appropriate to dive into thankfulness and gratitude a little more than usual. You see, there is a bra... Read More
Holidays and the loneliness epidemic

What Do the Holidays Have to do With the Loneliness Epidemic?

It is thought that the holidays are spent with loved ones and friends. From gift-giving to sharing fine meals, the holidays are synonymous with festiv... Read More
Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders and the Holidays

When you think of the holidays, what’s one of the first things that comes to mind? Food, right? All the dishes, casseroles, dips, and sweet... Read More

3 Tips for Surviving and Thriving in the VUCA World

In the 1990s, I can remember that feeling of satisfaction at the end of most days. I'd clear out the inbox sitting on my desk, complete my to-do list ... Read More
Four tips to help you deal with political anxiety.

Handling Political Anxiety As The Race Gets Closer

The 2020 presidential election is just over a year away; however, things are already heating up on both sides of the political divide. If the 2016 ele... Read More
A story of progress and pain after a knee replacement.

Knee Replacement Surgery: A Personal Story of Pain and Progress

My left knee had been bothering me. I thought, ignore it and it will go away, and it worked for a while! Then came the day when I couldn’t ignore it... Read More
The Sunday Sads affect many of us.

The Sunday Sads

We didn't know to call them The Sunday Sads back then The ticking of the 60 Minutes clock and the starting theme for The Wonderful World of Disney ... Read More
Old Wives Tales Myths

Old Wives Tales: The Many Myths About Women Over Fifty

How many myths? As Elizabeth Barrett Browning said, “Let me count the ways.” It’s incredible the things I believed when I was young about my fut... Read More
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SottoPelle Hormone Therapy

Symptoms & Benefits of SottoPelle Hormone Therapy