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best grooming product for pets

Are Your Pets Ready for Summer? 

Sponsored Post You’ve heard the term “dog days of summer.” Well, it’s true. Not just for dogs, but your other loved pets as well. Not only ... Read More
quiet time - Best Meditation Techniques for Beginners

3 Easy Steps for Beginning Meditation

When someone mentions meditation my mind has always conjured up a person sitting quietly making some "ommmm" noise while wearing flowy clothes and ear... Read More
how to boost your memory

How to Boost Your Memory

We all want to boost our memory, but we are not always sure how to do it. We work hard with a fair degree of success to keep our bodies in better s... Read More
close up smile probiora - healthy gums and teeth

Why Healthy Gums and Teeth Matter to Your Overall Health

Sponsored Post Staying healthy has been a major focus of most American’s during this COVID-19 pandemic. And with most non-essential medical treat... Read More
dirty smartphone

Germs Calling: Your Dirty Smartphone Could be Making You Sick

Whether it be a cold, the flu, or the new coronavirus, we’re learning how to be savvy in prevention i.e., frequent 20-second hand-washing, plenty of... Read More
distillery hand sanitizer

Distilleries Switch to Hand Sanitizer Production

On March 20, Merrilee Kick, the CEO and founder of BuzzBallz, LLC/Southern, decided to adjust distillery operations from solely cocktail production to... Read More
pet odor eliminator nixallpro

Caring For Your Pets in an Eco-Friendly Way

Sponsored Post Perhaps one of the most comforting aspects during these past few weeks of having to “shelter in place and stay at home” 24/7 is ... Read More
Brain from wooden puzzle - improve memory

Lose your Mind, Not your Memory

“Have I dusted that again?” “No idea why I came in here!” “It’s already dinner? I thought we just ate!” “It’s broken alread... Read More
flute player - music makes us younger
Anti Aging

Music Makes us Younger

You have heard the phrase, “the magic is in the music.” Well, it’s true in more ways than you might think! Both playing an instrument and listen... Read More
anxiety treatment natural

Treating Anxiety and Depression with CBD Oil

Let’s face it. There are those days that you wake up on the left side of the bed. You do not want to engage in any form of conversation or leave the... Read More
recover from hip surgery

6 Ways To Recover After Hip Surgery

Five years ago, I had hip surgery on both of my hips. I remember the doctor putting my x-rays on the viewer and jumping back with surprise. He told me... Read More
how to treat migraines

How to Treat Migraines: My 35-Year Journey

A migraine is a powerful headache lasting from 4 hours to 3 days that is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light. Doctors don... Read More

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