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woman living alone
Finding Balance

How to Stay Safe Living Alone

Is it Possible To Be Alone and Safe After 60? The world is continually changing, and human beings have been adjusting their behaviors and habits over... Read More
Finding Balance

Yoga Meditation

I have meditated during the best of times and the worst of times. I meditated when I knew my heart would break over an ill-fated love affair. I medita... Read More
video call social emotional distancing
Finding Balance

The Emotional Challenges of Social Distancing

For the immediate future, social distancing is the norm, at least for those of us who want to stay healthy. But “social distancing” is an inexact ... Read More
best tips for staying positive
Finding Balance

5 Best Tips for Staying Positive During the Coronavirus Crisis

I am certain that you (and all of us) are feeling a wide range of emotions regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and the task of social distancing. Most ... Read More
Sue Cowie The Fine Line
Finding Balance

If Age Is Just a Number, Why Is It So Hard to Say?

I consider myself strong, fit, healthy, sexy, but an unusual thing happens to me when I mention my age. For the longest time, I said my age only to my... Read More
surviving a pandemic
Finding Balance

The  7 F’s for Surviving a Pandemic Crisis 

We are now in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic crisis and will hopefully soon see the other side. In the meantime, we can implement the Seven ... Read More
how to clear your mind
Finding Balance

Spring Cleaning for your Mind

Some of us are accustomed to doing an annual thorough spring cleaning of our entire home. We pack up our heavy winter things and store them away as we... Read More
woman working from home
Finding Balance

When this is Over: Promises to Myself

From a 50-Something-Year-Old Woman Working at Home in her Slippers When this is over, I promise to hug my family and my friends for a moment too long... Read More
Spring Cleaning
Finding Balance

Are You a Secret Hoarder?

I am not a hoarder – my house is neat and clean. But a closer look might reveal a few areas that could use improvement and help kickstart organizing... Read More
Finding Balance

Ditch Multitasking And Get More Done in Less Time

We are all guilty of thinking about numerous things at the same time. I picture it as multiple bubbles floating in our heads with titles like laundry,... Read More
Finding Balance

What Can Golf Teach Me About Patience?

Growing up with a family of golfers, I'm more than surprised it's taken me until 49 to pick up a club and try and hit a golf ball. My Dad, his brother... Read More
Finding Balance

Yoga Breathing Exercises to Focus and Create Space

There is never a bad time to ponder this quote from Viktor Frankl: "Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to cho... Read More

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