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Starting line; change; motivating action; Mel Robbin's 5-second rule
Finding Balance

How the 5 Second Rule Can Change Your Life

When we think about changing our lives, we typically think about big changes that take time. For instance, "On average, it takes more than 2 months be... Read More
Satori face with light
Finding Balance

Appreciating What Is With Satori

The use of the word enlightenment as a spiritual term was first popularized in the western world in the 19th century, and it frequently has a romantic... Read More
Live best life feature
Finding Balance

5 Ways to Stop Comparing and Start Living YOUR Best Life

It is said that comparison is the thief of joy, robbing us of our confidence and self-esteem. Nowhere is that more apparent than in today's world wher... Read More
Woman relaxing on the floor
Finding Balance

Living Alone Doesn’t Have to Mean Living Lonely

More older women are living alone than older men in the United States, whether as a result of divorce, widowhood or by choice. In fact, as of 2020, se... Read More
Finding Balance

You Really Are As Old As You Feel

When I hit my mid-thirties, I had a sudden, strong desire to reclaim my health, and when I did, it had me feeling younger and better than ever! Unbeli... Read More
Finding Balance

Live and Learn: 45 Life Lessons

In the words of one of my favorite musical artists, Alanis Morisette, "you live you learn." It's a simple phrase but an important concept because it s... Read More
Finding Balance

Healthy Habits Through Self-Accountability

Have you found yourself resolved to foster healthy habits in the morning, but by the time evening rolls around, it has disappeared? What are y... Read More
how to stay safe living alone (1)
Finding Balance

How to Stay Safe Living Alone

The world is continually changing, and human beings have been adjusting their behaviors and habits over time. Living with an extended circle of relati... Read More
Using the subconscious mind
Finding Balance

How to Tap into the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

If you could give yourself a better, more positive attitude, be more instinctual, and even improve your stress levels by tapping into your subconsciou... Read More
How to Make Time
Finding Balance

5 Ways to Make Time for Everything

We’re halfway to the next daylight saving time, a process some wise person once described as cutting one end off your blanket and sewing it to the o... Read More
Akashic Records spirts
Finding Balance

How Akashic Records Can Heal Past Traumas

Shirley MacLaine has famously shared stories of her experiences in past lives, often to the ridicule of those who write off the idea as “crazy,” ... Read More
sources of strength feature: "yes you can" written in the sand
Finding Balance

10 Expert-Approved Tips to Find Your Sources of Strength

Everyone has heard stories or read novels where the leading character draws on their inner strength to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. Som... Read More