10 Expert-Approved Tips to Find Your Sources of Strength

Find inner peace and wellbeing by finding sources of strength in yourself and in the world around you. These expert-approved tips will help.
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Everyone has heard stories or read novels where the leading character draws on their inner strength to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.

Some of us wonder if we would have sufficient inner strength if placed in the same predicament, and this leads some of us to realize that we’re not even sure what our inner strengths are.

The good news is that each of us has all the strengths we need already inside of us. We need to learn how to find them.

As with any other skill, inner strength can be researched, developed, and worked on when you’re ready. It takes effort and practice, but you can do it.

Defining Inner Strength

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Inner strength is a psychological resource that facilitates healing and promotes well-being. It is believing in yourself. The firm conviction comes from within and is expressed through a positive attitude, willpower, self-confidence, and belief. 

Inner strength is characterized by self-control, peace of mind, self-discipline, persistence, detachment, and the ability to concentrate. It brings determination, the spirit of endurance, the courage to persist, the force to challenge, and the power to change.

It’s something inside that says “I can,” regardless of the situation.

Why We Need Inner Strength

We need inner strength to deal with stressful people, our family, and our boss. Teachers need it to teach and cope with difficult children.

Business people need it to work with customers and deal with plans that don’t proceed as they want. We all need it when dealing with impatient people and keeping our patience.

Inner strength is essential for athletes, helping them to persevere with their training and keep going in athletic contests.

10 Ways to Find Your Inner Strength

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Boiled down to its essence, whatever helps you find your inner peace will help you find your inner strengths. Communing with Mother Nature, getting pampered, reaffirming spiritual beliefs, or just getting away from the daily grind can all help you connect.

You show that you haven’t found your inner strength when you say things with the words “can’t” or “impossible” in them. “I can’t walk 3 miles.” “It’s impossible for me to get away for a long weekend.” “I can’t ever seem to lose any weight.” 

And with such negative thoughts, you’re correct. To find the inner strength to overcome sudden hardships, you must turn your negatives into positives.

1. Start gradually

Begin by taking baby steps. Jumping into immediate action quite often doesn’t work. Find ways to support yourself in efforts to remove negative words from your vocabulary.

2. Think Positive 

If losing weight is one of your goals, close your eyes and imagine yourself at the weight you’re aiming for. Thinking about how you would be feeling, what you would be thinking and doing.

By feeling these emotions, you’re helping draw a roadmap for your conscious self to follow to reach those goals.

3. Remain Positive

Think positively for healthy habits

Once you’ve set goals and start thinking positively, your life outlook will change. Instead of thinking, “I can’t” or “It’s impossible,” try telling yourself, “I’m learning how.”

Remember that your inner strength and internal support system are already present and waiting for you to tap into them.

4. Take Time to Focus

Focus on you. What do you need to feel stronger? List your positive qualities and accomplishments. When feeling low or down, look up this list and let yourself feel good about even your most minor efforts. It’s easy to think about the negatives, but you have to fight those and learn not to fear failure.

5. Remain Calm and Patient

Problems often won’t be solved in a single day. Remain patient and calm. Celebrate each moment of taking small steps toward solving your problem. Those achievements are helping you find your inner strengths.

6. Eat Healthy and Sleep Well

Self-image and mood improve when you smile, eat healthy, sleep well, and exercise regularly. With the stressful lives we all lead, having fun is essential. Watch movies, learn something new, play games, and be spontaneous. Embrace your inner child and let go.

7. Interact and Meet People

Fun things to do include drinking coffee with friends or learning a new language

Volunteer to help others. This builds your self-confidence and inner strength. Even attending support groups helps because you receive support and meet new people. 

Are you feeling discouraged? Remember that diamonds are made under pressure.

8. Express Yourself

Find ways to express how you would like to feel by dancing, painting, writing, and drawing. Try doing something unusual that pulls you out of your comfort zone. These activities will help you rid yourself of negative energies and emotions.

9. Repeat Daily Affirmations

Words “This too shall pass” or “I am doing the best I can” are positive affirmations that counteract negativity. They boost your self-confidence and make you feel good about yourself, which in turn helps you find your inner strength.

10. Spend Time with Family, Friends, and Pets

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Surround yourself with supportive family and friends who will keep reminding you how good you are and listen whenever you want to talk. If the need arises, ask for help without feeling ashamed or embarrassed, whether that help is from family, friends, or a professional. Spending time with others can serve as a great reminder of your strength when you struggle to see it on your own. 

Benefits of Inner Strength


When we stay grounded and calm during difficult times, we create inner peace, which helps us move through our emotions. Inner peace comes from a place of inner strength.


People with inner strength know themselves well enough to recognize their needs, wants, and desires. Inner awareness lets us tap into our intuition as a decision-making tool.


It’s easier for those with inner strength to cherish the times when they are happy and content. Inner happiness lets you find joy in moments that might otherwise be challenging. This inner awareness lets you know yourself well enough to notice these moments more readily.

 “It is worth remembering that the time of greatest gain in terms of wisdom and inner strength is often that of greatest difficulty.” ―Dalai Lama.

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