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Career Maker is where you find expert advice on how to reach that last rung on the ladder in your pursuit of the executive suite or how to find a seat on a public board.

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Career Maker is where you find expert advice on how to reach that last rung on the ladder in your pursuit of the executive suite or how to find a seat on a public board.

email etiquette
Career Maker

5 Tips for Prime Women to Improve Their Email Etiquette

Perhaps you are interested in starting a “second act” career or new business venture and would like to ensure your email etiquette is up to par. O... Read More
new year reflections
Career Maker

New Year Reflections will Help You G.R.O.W

The beginning of a new year is a great period of time to become a bit more introspective than normal—a time for new year reflections. It's a chance ... Read More
stretch goals
Career Maker

Achieve Big Goals and Dreams in 2018 with Stretch Goals!

How do you achieve big goals this year? Challenge yourself. Set STRETCH GOALS. A stretch goal is “Something that cannot be achieved by incrementa... Read More
get noticed
Career Maker

4 Ways to Get Noticed By Potential Employers or Clients

Whether you’re interested in building your client base, searching for a new job, pursuing a side hustle that’s in tune with your passion, or seeki... Read More
Career Maker

Give Yourself a Gift This Season: Put Time and Energy into Job Hunting

We are often told we should step back from the job hunting during the holiday season. Friends will caution, "No one is hiring." I'd like to suggest an... Read More
get a call back
Career Maker

Didn’t Get a Call Back After the Interview? Things You Can Try

We have all been there at one point or another. We’ve worked tirelessly to prepare our resumes, spent countless hours scanning job boards and employ... Read More
Career Maker

Ready for a Career Break? Tips to Make A Smooth Transition

What if you wake up one morning and there's NOTHING you absolutely have to do?  The general manager of an all news radio station proposed this to... Read More
personal brand
Career Maker

Follow These Tips to Give Your Personal Brand a Revamp

The concept of dress for success is dead! Or is it? Strong brands look successful. Granted, looking successful isn't only about what you wear. It... Read More
Career Maker

Bragging Your Way to the Top: 5 Rules to Master Self-Promotion

Admit it – it’s true. We all hate talking about ourselves, and worse yet, having to brag. Whether this stems from our days on the playground where... Read More
career success
Career Maker

Watch It! Is Your Anatomy Affecting Your Career Success?

There is a lot of speculation as to why some experience a high degree of career success and others don't. You'll hear everything from huge heaps of te... Read More
engage your network
Career Maker

Are Your Contacts Napping? 3 Tips to Engage Your Network

When talking about how important it is to engage your network of contacts, it has been said, “Networking is not about collecting contacts. It’s ab... Read More
professional career coach
Career Maker

Navigate Your Job Search with a Professional Career Coach

What would happen if you attempted to drive on a complex, ever changing highway without any mirrors on your car? Surely you would have a hard time nav... Read More