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Time Management Tips: Eat that Frog

Mark Twain said it:

“If you eat a frog first thing in the morning, that will probably be the worst thing you’ll do all day.”

Of course, we won’t eat one of those little green garden toads.

We’re alluding to tackling the nastiest, most disagreeable tasks first. If that means calling a family member you offended yesterday, then “eat the frog.”

On another note – gaining control of your time makes for a happier environment. Mismanaged time— coupled with everyday stressors, compounded by the lack of productivity— equals low morale and less energy. No doubt productivity at work suffers big time.

Recent research from the 2017 Work Market/KRC Research Workforce Productivity states that only 31 percent of upper-level managers feel their workplace is as productive as it should be. The report surveyed 200 U.S. business leaders on productivity and workplace management. It’s worth reading!

Time Management Tips

Tap into waiting time to knock out emails (at the doctor’s office, business appointments, etc.)

Inspect your to-do list. If it’s not top priority, move it to “nice-to-do’s.”

Maintain a “most important to do” list. Those you don’t want to do? “Eat the Frog.”

Examine time-wasting habits (checking email/texts too often). Hash the habit.

Minimize (as gently as you can) wasting time with those energy drainers in your life.

Always look for new ways to free up your time.

Never hesitate to edit your “to do” list. Keep it realistic.

Attempt daily to find a sense of accomplishment— including completing “to-do’s.”

Give yourself a reward for eating the frog today. Celebrate what you achieved (eat a chocolate chip cookie).

Energy boosters: steer clear of heavy lunches, alcohol, emotional situations.

Memos to yourself matter. Sticky notes are priceless!

Examine goals regularly. Revise as needed. Note progress daily.

Never hesitate recognizing roadblocks. Remove them or deal with them-NOW.

Try these time management tips. They’ll weed out procrastination.

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