5 Tools to Thrive In a Reduction in Workforce

Employment Opportunities- Reduction in Workforce

People always have a choice in how they respond to adversity. You can become bitter or better with job loss and it all starts with you!

Five tools to thrive in a reduction in workforce:

1. The Resume is your marketing tool that targets the next opportunity. Be clear and up to date with communicating your experience and dates of employment. As an outplacement provider, I see clients over 50 daily repurpose themselves in a well written resume and get interviews. I advise unemployed job seekers to take on work they can list as experience, whether it’s contracting or a volunteer position. This prevents a work-history gap that can creep to the top of your resume after you’ve been laid off.

2. An updated LinkedIn profile is a tool to communicate your availability, technical savvy and career interest to everyone, especially hiring managers and recruiters. Social media opportunities are endless and around the clock marketing for your job search. Spend your time wisely by learning and using this media tool to network with others. There are also opportunities to network with placement specialists that can to give a morale boost when dealing with the emotional loss and challenge of looking for a new job.

3. Another tool is a good Career Coach that can assist with practicing your presentation and interview, helping to arm you with solid answers to difficult questions. Sometimes people are very angry, and the negativity can seep through in interviews. It’s a major focus in coaching to make sure the conversation centers on the qualifications, interest and abilities that will match the job and present a strong positive image.

4. Professional references are a useful tool for developing your credibility to potential employers. Ask for a written reference letter and notify people when they may be called for a reference check. It is also courteous to send a Thank You note afterward. Displaying sincerity and gratefulness to others helps to lift your spirits and eliminate the temporary disappointment that can affect your mindset.

5. Pay attention to your negative emotions and how it affects your attitude. It helps to focus on things you can control. Sharpen your tools by writing a great cover letter and resume tailored to the company you want to work for, setting up meetings with your networking contacts, updating your LinkedIn profile and practicing interviewing. People succeed when they believe it is possible and are persistent. Before you know it, the next opportunity will appear.

Good luck and happy job hunting!


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