Embrace the Power that Comes when You Wear Red

Embrace the Power that Comes when you Wear Red

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RED? Yes, please. The color of blood and fire conjures up feelings of love, passion, romance, strength and sexuality. You need it, you want it, and you can’t go through this fashion season and not wear red. Is it that powerful, you ask?

Decades ago – mid-eighties – my husband I attended a business dinner at one of Dallas’ swankiest restaurants. As a fashion designer I always had a red dress in my wardrobe. It was a silk cloque sheath with a bateau neckline and a bias flounce at the hem. Very sleek, modern and dare I say, sexy.

The restaurant was dimly lit. Touted as one of the “most romantic” in town, it was filled with a sea of women in black dresses. We were seated and immediately tended to with great flourish. Midway through the meal our waiter approached me and quite discretely handed me a note. It did not go unnoticed by my husband. Somewhat bewildered I opened it up to find the following:

“In a room full of black you look beautiful in red.”

– An admirer

I looked over my shoulder to see a very handsome man nod and smile. It was exhilarating! I felt powerful, sexy, beautiful and desirable. By a stranger. Yes, Bill Blass knew what he was talking about when he said:

When in Doubt Wear Red

So there’s the proof – RED is a color you must add to your closet this season. You can’t wear red, you say? Au contraire. Every woman can wear it – you just need to find your red. I divide reds into two categories: Blue reds and yellow reds.

Blue reds – are deep and dark and work best on brunettes and some blondes, depending up on their complexion tone.

Yellow reds – are a bit orangeier and work best on blondes and red heads. Yellow undertones soften the palette and are more flattering to the skin.

How to Wear It

Mixing reds makes strong statements, so don’t be afraid to mix textures as long as you stay in the same color value – oxblood to crimson.

Contrast red with black, camel, animal prints and graphic prints. Avoid green unless you’re going for a Christmas theme vibe. No.

Use it as a statement piece – a coat, shawl or a signature bag or boot.

Red has staying power. I still have my oxblood to the knee boots with stacked heels from 34 years ago. People still stop me and want to know where they can buy them.

Venture forth ladies and splurge. Treat yourself to something red.

“Red is the ultimate cure for sadness”

– Bill Blass

Mr. Blass always had the final word in fashion.









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