The Type of Purse You Carry Says More About You Than You Think

The Type of Purse You Carry Says More About You Than You Think

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Here’s the spill. Your handbag is actually a purse-onality test. From your cleaning habits to your “preparedness,” a creative combination of items confined to a portable space reveals more than you might think. So, what type of purse person are you?

Maybe it’s not the brand of the bag or even what’s inside that matters. To start, how you carry it can be what divulges the most.

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The Hook

Carriage. Composure. Cool-headedness. I’m having flashbacks of pictures of my grandmother in the ’50s. Dangling your top-handled bag at the crook of your arm screams power and poise. Especially while holding a pair of silk gloves in-hand. This posture exudes ladylike confidence and self-assurance.

The Double Clutch

The fig leaf-style, double-fisted, “protectionism” stance says you’re trying hard to control a situation that’s testing your nerves. While holding things close guards your composure, I don’t think you’re nervous; just determined to make a polished impression.

The Overhand Grip

Sure, you could sling your bag over your shoulder, but you’re more hands-on with everything, hence that firm grip on your bag. Ambitious, confident, extremely disciplined, you’re happiest knowing what’s going on at all times. And, you like calling attention to the importance of your job.

The Shield

When you hold your oversized bag across the front of your body, you might be feeling vulnerable and either want to protect yourself from your environment or to actually hide behind your bag. But, whatever the reason for your “on guard” posture, you still look stylish with a structured top-handle bag no matter the hue.

The Sling (BIG) Shot

You bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan… You balance work, school, and your personal life like a pro, and you’ve got better things to worry about than where your bag is. Cue the convenient cross-body bag that frees your hands and your head to “get $#!% done.”


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But what about what’s INSIDE your bag? What’s there, and what’s not, can characterize and define you.

Are you the MINIMALIST?

What’s in your bag: Phone, wallet, keys, Chapstick

What it says about you: Carrying only the bare necessities, you’re a no-nonsense kind of person. Your coworkers all admire your organized desk, while friends marvel at how spotless you keep your car. When you and your partner go out to eat, you are always the first to choose what you want to order. You prefer small, delicious dishes over big, heavy meals, and think putting too much dressing on a salad should pretty much be punishable by law. You get accused of being cold at times, especially when you’re giving advice, but you just see yourself as realistic, honest, and “why not just get to the point?”


What’s in your bag: Sunglasses, phone, phone charger, gum, water bottle, lip balm, lipstick(s), face powder, makeup brushes, assorted candies, rings you forgot you own, earrings, earrings of which you have only one, the dog’s squeak toy, 10 credit/debit cards, voter ID, and entirely too many receipts. If you’re a new grandmother, add in baby wipes, tissues, snacks, toys, antiseptic hand gel…  Pretty much everything but the kitchen sink is in your HUGE bag that most people think is a diaper bag (or a military rucksack).

What it says about you: You always feel 5 minutes behind on your to-do list. Hell, you probably feel 5 minutes behind in life itself. It makes sense considering how many different responsibilities you take on each week — both at work, at home, and socially. You have a deep sense of responsibility to make others around you happy, and your empathy for people and animals knows no bounds. You would wear more jewelry, but it always seems to get lost at the bottom of your bag, so why bother buying it in the first place?

Are you the BEAUTY BABE?

What’s in your bag: Sunglasses, sunscreen, phone, perfume, lip balm, lipstick(s), lip gloss, foundation, powder compact, mascara, faux eyelashes, eyeliner, brow gel, hair brush, hair spray, sunless tanning gel, and teeth whitener strips.

What it says about you: As a kid, your favorite Christmas present was the Barbie Deluxe Styling Head. You often make eye contact with and smile at strangers, and love to brighten the day of everyone you meet. Your bedroom is definitely on the girly-girl, messy side because you simply hate getting rid of things that could make you even more beautiful.

Or are you ALWAYS ON?

What’s in your bag: Smart-phone, smart-watch, tablet, stylus, Bluetooth headphones, wireless mouse, 4 different power chargers, all your device cords and cables, and USB drive(s).

What it says about you: If your friends and family haven’t heard from you in 24 hours, they would assume you’ve been kidnapped (or simply fell into a trance state in the local Apple store) because that NEVER happens. You always know what’s going on in the world, so people often ask you for advice about the latest fashion, music, movies, and political happenings. A connected device is always in your hands… or in your bag.

So please open your bag, and your heart, and let me know in an EMAIL below, “What type of purse person are you?”



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