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This spring season is full of footwear options. There’s something for everyone.

For flat lovers, the word in riding low is all about a slim and demure silhouette with a subtle point. It calls to the inner ballerina in us all. It’s feminine, alluring, and playful.

Shoe trends for spring 2015 have a futuristic look. Watch for a 60’s influence – think graphic mod, geometric mod, and lots of color.

Ankle straps are de riguer and are not limited to sexy 4 inch heels. You will find them on flats and sandals. The straps may lace their way up to the knee for the Grecian look that has maintained a foot hold in footwear for the last couple of seasons.

Mules have made a reappearance – just when you thought you could discard your 1990 versions they’re baaack!

Updated, colorful modern versions of “earth shoes” are making a statement. The Bohemian influence in clothing has extended to footwear. It complements and balances the silhouette of long flowing skirts and dresses.

Been missing a good oxford? Not to worry the classic two tone lace up is alive and well. You have lots of choices: from colorful athletic suede’s to glitzy black and white patent. They balance the menswear influence that appeared on the spring runways.

Wedges have been a mainstay now for many seasons. They are fresh and colorful for spring 2015. Look for cork, unusual shapes, lucite, and wood materials that add texture and a modern twist to an old standby.

Whatever your heart desires, whatever persona you wish to don, there is a shoe just for the occasion.





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