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Prime Women Introduces Our New Over 50 Fashion Blogger

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Fashion blogging has become an important part of fashion media and we believe the time is right to get serious about over 50 fashion blogging. PRiME has been covering fashion since our inception. Starting with one writer, Judy Ninman, who covered the more upscale fashion market, we later added a younger writer, Wendi McGowan-Ellis who has a hipper, trendier style, and this year our own editor in chief Ann Franks introduced a monthly article on wardrobe essentials.

over 50 fashionWe are now poised to take our fashion coverage one step further by launching an over 50 fashion blogger, Kathy Boop. Ann recently met with Kathy to talk about what she hopes to accomplish in partnering with Prime Women. One of her goals is to show women how to dress “chic” without spending a lot of money, and by wearing what they already have in their closet in new and more interesting ways. Kathy also shared with us her approach to fashion.

“I think my approach has always been to be very aware of my body type,  what color looks best on me….  something that will make my eyes pop, because I feel they’re my best asset. I try to accentuate my best features. Everyone has that “certain” thing about their body/face that they feel really good about, so make sure whatever you put on your body makes that feature stand out. I always want to find “the dress” that looks expensive, but isn’t, and I typically dress pretty conservatively, but I think it’s fun to over 50 fashionpull a really trendy item in – such as the Dior Tribal earrings or Pom Pom earrings.”

Kathy looked so stylish and pulled together when we met her for our interview, we decided to take some shots right then and there to share with our readers. She paired white jeans from Target with this adorable blouse from stylewe.com. The perfect finishing touches to her ensemble were the gorgeous accent pieces – a red handbag, sky high platform suede open-toed booties, and a red band on her Apple watch.

We’re sure you’re going to love Kathy and her style. Make sure you subscribe using the link below so you don’t miss her first article!

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