Power Dressing and the Message You Send With Clothing

Power Dressing and the Message You Send With Clothing

Power Dressing

Power DressingI have to admit, I’m frequently shocked at what people consider “safe for public consumption” when it comes to their attire these days. It’s like the communication of clothing has gone the way of cursive handwriting, and the only thing that matters is the wearer’s personal comfort.

Call me old-fashioned, but I long for the “good old days.” Hat, gloves, stockings, skirt, lipstick – the final touches that were standards for just leaving the house whether lunching with the ladies or going grocery shopping. Dressing for the day was expected, day-in and day-out.

Regardless of the trends today, dressing well is not a superficial endeavor. It’s an activity that shows respect (to oneself and others), expresses a sense of occasion (office workplace, Sunday church, date night, airport travel), and sends a message to those around you. The best thing about dressing with intention? You tell the world who you are without saying a word.

So, let’s play with power

You CAN be a unique snowflake, beautiful because of the details, and still dress with power and authority. Celebrate what sets you apart, what’s most particular and true, and your own style will shine through.

Do you prefer bright colored clothes? Perhaps it’s to do with your positive thoughts. Or, if you have an eye for abstract prints, it’s likely that you have a bold personality. Attracted to the hottest colors of the day? (Hello Greenery!) Then, you’re definitely an innovator and change-maker. Radiating positive energy you feel self-assured, confident, and therefore, powerful.

If you think power dressing messages are only sent through dark greys, navys, and blacks, let me change your perspective. A power persona is more than color. It’s refined edges, immaculate tailoring, and paying attention to the particulars…

  • a fabulous scarf tied at the neck, or better yet, unexpected places, like to the handle of your handbag or wrapped around the wrist, cuff-style
  • a surprisingly printed pair of pumps
  • a brooch
  • a statement cuff bracelet
Ted Baker & Christian Louboutin

Ted Baker & Christian Louboutin

So put on your power suit, but never let them forget you’re a woman… It’s all in the details.

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