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“Jewelry with a purpose,” is the slogan for These ingenious magnifying glasses for reading are indeed beautiful pieces of jewelry you are happy to wear with your dressiest outfit. Unlike the old reading glasses on a lanyard that labeled you “old” or at least “getting old” in one glance, My Neckglasses are stylish, affordable and, best of all, practical.

How often have you gone to dinner and can’t quite make out the entrée choices on a menu? Or you’re trying to read the fine print and find you need magnifying glasses? Happens to me all the time. These Neckglasses fit the bill. They have four styles for women and folding glasses in simple black on a cord for men. You have a choice of strengths from 1.5 up to a strong 3.0, so whether you need a little magnification or a lot, My Neckglasses have you covered.

I think my favorite is the Dianna locket. You can use it unopened for quick magnification or open when you need full magnifying glasses for reading. This necklace is so beautiful your friends are likely to mistake it for a very famous brand of jewelry that costs more than twice your Neckglasses!

The Karen Neckglasses (far right hand side in the feature photo) was the first style My Neckglasses offered and it remains the most popular. I’ve used this necklace when I wanted to dress up an outfit for a night out. In one movement, I could bring the glasses to my eyes for magnification to get a closer look at the theater or opera playbill. They not only save you from digging in your bag to find your cheaters, they also add a little bling to any casual outfit. You can choose to add bling or a cross, and they come in silver or gold.

For a more polished, businesslike look, the Catherine is a good choice. The design is a little more sleek than the Karen and you can choose a tassel or “bling” that really gives it a jewelry feel. The Catherine also comes in silver or gold. Now I get away with wearing magnifying glasses around my neck without looking like I am!

If you need a full set of magnifying glasses for more in-depth reading, you will love the Maria. The full glasses collapse into a pendant. Choose from a simple cord for the tortoise shell frames or one with a touch of pearls.


My Neckglasses was recently featured on Good Morning America Steals and Deals with Tory Johnson and the Neckglassesresponse was incredible, which doesn’t surprise me. I have to say, these Neckglasses have been a much appreciated and stylish addition to my fashion accessories. But if you want further evidence of how wonderful these are, take it from other Neckglasses customers.

“I get compliments almost every time I wear my Neckglasses. Every style is beautiful and unique. High quality and they are guaranteed for a year!”

“My daughter in law bought me the Karen with a cross for Christmas last year. I love it! Nobody even knows my NGs are readers until I want them to!”

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