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Our sense of style is our own. I enjoy trying different fashion styles and have discovered this with my personal clothing choices throughout my life. When shopping, whether in store or online, certain things catch my eye. My experience with fabric, colors and design is beneficial when I work with women, and I find myself gravitating to certain colors for them as I do myself.

Since my hair is currently gray, I really like a deep red (more blue) as a new favorite color choice. We express who we are and introduce ourselves through our clothing and color is a key component. In my casual wardrobe, I have been a fan of Levi 501 straight legs since before I was a teenager. The same with bell bottoms, aka “flares” today.

I’ve always thought of clothing as an outward extension of each individual. Some women like florals and patterns while others don’t. Maybe a floral would look lovely on a woman, but she’s not sure about wearing it. As women are shopping, they might appreciate or prefer a second opinion, especially if they aren’t sure whether a certain garment is what suits them best. Enter a stylist.

I was recently invited to a local women’s clothing shop as their guest personal stylist. It was scheduled for Saturday and there were several prescheduled appointments. New customers and devoted customers alike, were introduced to the stores latest arrivals and styles. There were plenty of new arrivals for spring and it was fun seeing the new blouses, pants, dresses and swimsuits.

Being able to share my experience as a guest personal stylist, offering advice and assisting several of the ladies with special occasion or work ensembles made for a great day. I’d arrived early and browsed the store to become even more familiar with their inventory. When a customer would come in, I had an idea of what I would select for them in several different choices that were in store. That way, if she was looking for a blouse, I could assist by showing her specific styles, colors, where they were located and could introduce them with little delay. I was prepared. I met so many really nice ladies and enjoyed conversing with them about clothing they could wear to work or a party and feel beautiful in.

Color Choice

If you have never collaborated with a personal stylist before, you might enjoy it. They can help direct you to color choices that look best on you based on your skin tone, hair color and eyes.

I made myself the example. I draped a garment that was a dark moss green, near my face and neck. Up against my face, my skin reflected an ashy, tired look. Then, I draped and showed how a white, berry or purple top looked up against my face. What a difference! Certain colors are just more flattering than others. Knowing your best colors and selecting those in your clothing is important. Although there are many colors I like, I cannot afford to wear them next to my face. Dark moss green is one of those colors!

The Right Fit

Another important factor when assisting the women was fit. How clothing fits is much more important than the number connected to the garment. The number is just that, a number. I recommended trying on several sizes to the ladies. Example: If you’re an 8, take a 6, 8 and 10 into the dressing room to try. There could be differences in the cut and the way the garment was sewn that can affect whether or not it’s a good fit for your body. A study by the International Journal of Fashion, Technology and Education (2016) revealed that the average size of American women is a size 16 (I’ve heard the range is 12-18). After 5,500 women were measured, the study showed the average waist size has increased 2.6 inches over the past two decades.

Whatever “size” a woman is, more designers are incorporating and introducing clothing that fits a wider demographic of women. Designers like Christian Siriano, in 2016, incorporated five plus-sized models into his show at New York Fashion Week. In 2017, his diverse group ranged in size from 2 to size 16. It’s wonderful because then stores carry more of a selection for all women.

It’s exciting to introduce choices when styling women and selecting clothing that will be most flattering no matter what “size” she may be. He has really changed the landscape for women and fashion. As a guest personal stylist, it was fun to converse and share thoughts and ideas on clothing preferences as we head into Spring 2018.

The seasons are changing both literally and figuratively. Some of the ladies tried some new and different designs and styles and that was a change for them they said. They stepped out of their comfort zone! Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher said, “Change is the only constant in life.” Next time you go shopping, try something you normally wouldn’t.


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