10 Fashion Tricks to Tackle This Year

10 Fashion Tricks to Tackle This Year

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Do you have legs that never seem to end? How about slim shoulders, a swan-like neck, or a voluptuous rear? Don’t be afraid to show off your most beautiful and special attributes. This will not only help your personal style, you’ll be more confident overall.

Most of the time, we turn to fashion editors, bloggers, stylists, and designers when we’re looking to revamp our style statement and wardrobes. But, how about highlighting a few fashion tricks you can take on too?

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10. Pay attention to the beauty in yourself

Think of the coolest women you know… they probably have great hair, right? They also probably know what color lipstick looks best on them, too. In some ways, the right haircut and the right makeup can do more to elevate your style and send a message than the clothes you’re wearing. Plus, chopping your hair, sliding on a “notice-me” lipstick, or going for a color consultation is a whole lot easier on your wallet than being a slave to fashion.

9. Wear white so your colors POP

No longer just for “after Labor Day,” white in any form just lightens the load and keeps your entire ensemble visually fresh.

8. Denim

To be very honest, I feel like denims are one of the best things that have ever been invented in the fashion industry. Dress it up, casual it down… anything you wear made of denim is emphatically stylish. No flaws, no complications and pure comfort.

7. Embrace the high-low hem

If you’re in the mood for a fresh alternative to the classic cocktail dress, consider a skirt with a little curve appeal on the bottom. Also look for the “high-low” cut in blouses. They’re easy to wear with staples such as jeans, black pants, or leggings, but they are statements in themselves, so less is more. Consider the shape in a bright color and keep it simple, there’s no need to pile on jewelry or fret about fancy footwear.

6. Go for one BOLD statement piece

Statement necklaces have been a huge trend for a while now, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going away any time soon. For good reason, too! The right statement necklace can bring any outfit to the next level. A really glam one can transform a plain outfit into something special, and a particularly large one might be the only accessory you need with a certain dress. (This one’s even in Greenery, the 2017 Color of the Year!)

5. Floral patterns

Floral patterns are not just something that has been around for decades but something you can adorn in all seasons. There is no specific time or occasion that you need to flaunt floral, in all hues and tones. Just wear it in style because it works.

4. Fringes

Usually known as a cowboy thing, fringes keep coming and going in the fashion world. But for those who are in love with the fringes, whether on clothes, jewelry, or handbags, it never fades away at all.

3. Tailors exist for a reason

Fit is EVERYTHING when it comes to style. Even if the trendy ladies are wearing something purposefully oversize or shrunken, it’s still in proportion to their body. It’s for this reason that finding (and using!) a good tailor is absolutely key. Not only can a tailor customize pieces to fit you better, they can transform almost any garment, making them look totally different.

2. eBay and Etsy are a Fashionista’s dream

Here’s a little secret… They might not broadcast it, but truly stylish women will troll any (and I mean ANY) store or site with zero snob factor and probably always emerge with something they can seamlessly incorporate into their wardrobes. We’re not talking about regular “acceptable” fast fashion stores, but rather teenybopper-seeming mall stores, dusty Salvation Army outposts, cheap departments stores, and even dollar stores… all of which are heaven for summer accessories like bandanas, canvas totes, colorful sunnies, and flip flops.

1. Because you know how to ACCESSORIZE!

No matter your age, even older clothing can be elevated with the right accessories… none of which have to cost a lot of money. Try juxtaposing your accessories with the nature of your outfit for a statement-making twist. For example, pair blue jeans and an old gray tee with glittery statement earrings or a big, blingy necklace (see statement piece above). Conversely, try more casual accessories like a slouchy hat or an armload of bracelets with inherently dressy pieces like a cocktail dress or a full skirt and heels.

So break out of your routine this year with these fashion tricks and take on some new trends to elevate your ensemble.


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