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How to Do Your Eyebrows

Brows, the window shutters to the face! You can thread them, wax them, pluck them, or just let them grow and sport some amazing Brooke Shields action. Some of us suffered at the hands of the 90’s “thin brow” trend, and our follicles are paying dearly for it now. And some of us are just getting older and our brow hair is losing its color and vibrancy. I have so many clients of all ages that struggle with having lighter hair and they just want their brows to have more prominence. Here are a few of my personal pro favorites on how to do your eyebrows depending on if you dig a powder, gel, or a pencil.


How To Do Your Eyebrows

Pro Tip #1

Don’t try to reshape your entire brow. When things become overly darkened and incongruous, it can get messy fast. If you need a little bit of a longer tail or a higher arch, these are easy things to accomplish. Let’s not reinvent our entire brow because we still need people to recognize us and be able to read our emotions.

Pro Tip #2

Keep it simple and light. I’m sure we have all seen the huge dark brows that are so trendy on social media. You can darken your brow with some of these amazing products available without going overboard. Pick something that is maybe just a skosh darker so you can get the intensity that you need just with a small amount.

Pro Tip #3

When choosing a color, if you are not a redhead or have auburn undertones, do not opt for a color with warm undertones. All taupes are different. When you have brown or blonde hair, go for a neutral taupe that has cooler undertones.

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Eyebrow Products

“Gimmie Brow” is wonderful for adding color and “oomph” if you are a little on the thin side. I love this product! There are 10 colors to choose from so it’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy to find a shade that is right for you. Just pulling the spoolie lightly through your brow does so much! I like to pull mine upwards just a hint to give my Betty Boop brows a little bit of extra height.

This brand rarely disappoints and here is another shining example of the Aucoin line amazingness! This pencil glides on smoothly while not giving you too much color. Nobody and I mean nobody, deserves sharpie brows! You can draw in individual hairs to fill in the amount of your choosing. It is smudge-proof as well, so great for how to do your eyebrows for summer by the pool or on the beach.

This is an awesome steal for the price if you are more into the powder side of things. Each of the 6 palettes available comes with 2 shades so you get a little extra texture and dimension when filling in your brows. It also comes with a mini angled brush and spoolie. SCORE!

Let’s be honest, any Colorstay is just an amazing kit staple. Easy to find and easy to use…and this one is no different. The brow pencil comes in 5 great colors with a spoolie for helping to brush your brows into perfect placement. The shape of the pencil is wonderfully functional as well. If you use the flat side you can lightly fill in your brows, but then switch to the angled side to fill in individual hairs for a more natural look.

This is another pro kit staple for me. Many brands have a great color assortment, and I can say the same about this, but this one also has a clear gel. The clear gel is a great secret weapon on how to do your eyebrows just right. Depending on your Brow mood (I say this because I have many haha), you can do a little powder underneath the clear gel just to get a little bit darker and then style your brows accordingly, locking them into place. Or just use it to feather them up to add some extra sassafras to your look!

Which is the beautiful French way of saying “the eyebrow palette”, so much prettier in French huh? This little guy is a Swiss-army knife of brow palettes. It has 2 colors for a dimension that includes a powder and a wax. It also features the cutest little mini tweezers, and angled brush, and a baby spoolie for any brow emergencies. I know we all see those eyebrows we missed in the car rearview mirror…what is with that anyway?

How to create perfect eyebrows



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