Curing the Summer Hair Ills

When we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, we confront certain issues for our hair that summer has bestowed on us.
The first being…Frizzy Hair
Top Half of Surprised Frizzy Haired Girls Head
Frizzy hair caused by the intense heat of summer sun takes its toll on us. Here are some cosmetic tricks of the trade I do with my clients after summer ends.

  •  An all over trim helps remove dryness.
  •  Try regular conditioning treatments, mine is the Kerastase express system that sprays in quick and rinses out.    You can literally see the frizz dissipate before your eyes.
  •  For the most dramatic frizz, try a hot oil treatment. The Paul Labrecque Repair treatment with lemongrass is  so easy. Heat up a vile in a cup of hot water, apply it mid lengths to ends, wrap your hair in a warm towel and  plastic cap, and Voila! In just 5 minutes your hair is repaired.

Dry Hair with split ends is the next ailment of summer. Those nasty split ends move up the shaft and they make a blunt cut look less edgy.
Wind, swimming, and too much sun all intensify this condition. A split must be cut off higher than its rip. There is no other way around this issue so ladies bite the bullet and get a good fall hair cut.

Always use a protein spray to set angle your hair after washing hair, as this will reduce new splits.
Ours is fab Paul Labrecque Volume Conditioner with Silk Protein, that and a tangle teaser brush will stop your hair from ever splitting again!

Next up. Color that has faded.


Before                 After

Sun, chlorine, and salt are strip the hair and the effects on your color are a disastrous fade that doesn’t even resemble how you left the salon.

Here’s what you should do! A color pre-treatment at home that’s right gets your porosity level under control so your hair takes evenly. Try Paul Labrecque Repair Condition 3 times before re-entering your salon. Adding color back to hair is easy as long as porosity levels are neutralized.

Remember pick your colorist wisely. One who never overlaps lightened hair. That would be disastrous and cause breakage to the hair. When in doubt, lean darker rather than lighter because the lighter the hair the more prone to damage it becomes.

Fall is a beautiful time to choose golden, tortoise, and strawberry hues. The skin will lighten and bringing a slightly darker palette against it will have the most fabulous results. I hope my tips help you smoothly sale into fall!

Take care of your hair

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