Get a Boost with the Best Root Lifters for Thick Hair

Get a Boost with the Best Root Lifters for Thick Hair

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I have fond memories of ‘ratting’ my hair when I was in high school. After all, there wasn’t a better method to get your hair sky high than a bottle of Aqua Net and a rat-tailed comb. Sure it was bad for our hair, and the split ends were unsightly, but when your bangs were higher than everyone else’s and really accented your Farrah Fawcett wings, well, you were pretty rad. I was lucky, though, because I had thin hair, so it was easy to wreck it into shape with minimal effort, and I had an easier time than my thick-haired counterparts. Even now, I can use my favorite styling foam and get some pretty good volume.

I recently brought up the subject with a friend who was blessed with thick, luscious hair and asked her how she keeps her roots lifted. She named off a variety of products, some of which are found below, but the conversation brought on the idea of an article covering the best root lifters for thick hair. So, here are the best products we found, both through trial and error and as part of a research journey. 

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Best Root Lifters for Thick Hair

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