5 Procedures for Younger Looking Eyes

for younger looking eyes

Eyes may be the window to our souls but they are also the area that can age the quickest. Thankfully, the eye area is one of the easiest to reverse damage done by the sun and years of squinting, laughing, etc. As we age, we develop wrinkles around the eyes, bags under the eyes, droopy upper eyelid skin, and our eyelashes and eyebrows start to disappear. These are common complaints of our patients. Following are the 5 issues we have with our eyes as we age, and the procedures for younger looking eyes.

Lines_Around_The_Eye - for younger looking eyes1. Wrinkles Around the Eyes

Wrinkles around the eyes (referred to as Crow’s Feet, if we have them) and laugh lines (as we begin to accept them) are fairly easy to treat. We recommend the neuromodulators: Botox,© Xeomin©, and Dysport©. The neurotoxins or neuromodulators inhibit the muscle action around the eyes.

When we smile or laugh, these muscles scrunch up the skin, creating the wrinkles that become more permanent over time. By inhibiting the muscle action, our skin does not “scrunch” when we smile, and that prevents the wrinkles from forming. Don’t worry, you can still smile after treatment with a neuromodulator, if done correctly, it should look natural.

Eye_Treatment - for younger looking eyes2. Bags Under the Eyes

The bags under the eyes can look better if a filler is placed below and lateral to the bag, which will hide it. Resist the urge to want filler placed too medially and high up. This can look puffy and sometimes the filler will cast a blue-grey shadow. Only a very experienced doctor should be placing filler around the eyes!


3. Overhanging Upper Eyelids

The droopy excess upper eyelid skin can be surgically removed under local anesthetic in a physician’s office. After careful measuring and drawing, the skin can be removed by using an electric needle to cut away the excess eyelid skin. Once excess skin has been removed, the edges of the remaining skin are sewn together and stitches stay in place for a week. Eye makeup cannot be worn for two weeks. Common side-effects are swelling and bruising. The scar from eyelid surgery is hidden in the crease of the eyelid. Lifting the curtains off your eyes makes you look more alert and less tired. This procedure  for younger looking eyes is referred to as a blephoraplasty.

4. No Eye Lashes

Latisse© is an eyelash treatment that thickens and lengthens your eyelashes and eyebrows and, yes, it really works. It is made by Allergan and, in Texas, you need a prescription from your dermatologist to buy it at a pharmacy. In other states, it is sold over the counter at the doctor’s office.

MakeUp - for younger looking eyes5. Stop the Damage

In taking care of your eyes, try to be gentle with your selection of eye makeup remover and moisturizer. Albolene is a great old fashion makeup remover that is gentle to the eyes and adds moisture. It is also easy on the pocketbook, so you can afford your Botox! Of course, daily application of sunscreen and always wearing sunglasses and a good sunhat when you are outdoors will protect the investment you make in keeping your eyes youthful.

Bonus: Next time you get your hair colored, ask your stylist to put some color on your eyebrows too!

A little mascara, and you are good to go!


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