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woman living alone
Finding Balance

How to Stay Safe Living Alone

Is it Possible To Be Alone and Safe After 60? The world is continually changing, and human beings have been adjusting their behaviors and habits over time. Living with an extended circle of relatives is the most common type of household arrangement for older people around the world. Still, in… Read More
  • Mariangel Malave |
  • June 29, 2020
Best Vitamins

Best Vitamins and Minerals

Being a woman is a challenge in many ways. Our body has internal mechanisms that undergo transformations due to hormonal effects that completely change our way of feeling and living life. Far from the stereotypes that exist and that have been modified over time when a 50-year-old woman was considered… Read More
  • Mariangel Malave |
  • June 12, 2020

About Mariangel Malave

Mariangel Malave

Dr. Mariangel Malave was born in the city of Lecheria in Venezuela and is a graduate of Earsten University in Barcelona, Venezuela. She obtained her medical degree in the same university in Venezuela where she was certified as an Internist. Dr. Malave has sixteen years of experience in Internal Medicine, with special interest in Diabetes. She is a member of Internal Medicine Society of your country. In addition , she was certified as a diabetes educator by the Central University of Venezuela. Dr. Malave was active in her community and she belonged to the Rotary Club of his city, offering her medical consultation in the popular clinic of Rotary. Today, Dr Malave lives in the United States, together with her husband and is dedicated to studying the English language to try to master it perfectly and be part of this country, while preparing to be certified as a doctor in the United States and to be able to return to work. that he has enjoyed for more than 16 years being a doctor. She is currently a certified medical assitant in the U.S. Working to obtain her USMLE certification.