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Retirement Peril: Time Management

What was I going to do with all my free time? That was a question that I frequently was asked when I decided to retire. I was not used to a lot of down time as I, like so many other professionals, thrived on a packed schedule and keeping lots… Read More
  • Laura Hinson |
  • March 15, 2016
Retired Early - Early Retirement
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How I Retired Early?

A great question but one that is very broad and multifaceted – and also, needing clarification. What do I mean by “retired” or “early”? And, the word “how”? It is hard to believe that early retirement is possible. As pointed out by Nancy Bearg in the article, Thinking About the “R”… Read More
  • Laura Hinson |
  • February 17, 2016
Career Transition

The Cocktail Party Answer to “What Do You Do?” – After Your Retire

“What do you do?” While I have no empirical evidence, I would guess that this is one of the top, if not the number one, question, regardless of setting, asked when meeting new people. And, I admit that it is often my standby. It is an easy question, does not… Read More
  • Laura Hinson |
  • August 4, 2015
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Retirement – More Than a Soufflé

In December 2011, I retired from the corporate world. “Retired” could be a misnomer; it might be more accurate to say that I just quit working. I had recently turned 50 years old and there were no official retirement parties or even any retirement plans. Up until that point, I… Read More
  • Laura Hinson |
  • June 16, 2015

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Laura Hinson

With an extensive career in the property and casualty insurance industry, Laura served as CFO for two international companies. Most recently she was CEO of QBE US Agencies, a holding entrepreneurial specialty distribution channels. Since retiring in 2011, Laura serves on corporate boards while pursuing philanthropic and a variety of personal interests.Laura Hinson LinkedIn