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coping with stress

7 Steps for Coping with Stress

Having just experienced a 6-month period of upheaval and uncertainty, I am acutely aware of the symptoms of ongoing stress. In my case, it came with fatigue, headaches, “brain fog,” and insomnia. Doctors report it’s common for people to experience high blood pressure, heart problems, skin conditions, depression, and worsening… Read More
  • Cynthia Williams Young |
  • April 21, 2018
books every leader should read
Leadership Growth

4 Books Every Leader Should Read for Career and Life Success

I use the term “leader” loosely here, because while each of these books offers valuable information for those leading a team, a company, or a charity, they are equally as useful to those who are simply leading their own lives. The principles and ideas they lay out are just as… Read More
  • Cynthia Williams Young |
  • October 17, 2017
Alzheimer's disease
Family & Friends

5 Things to Know About “The Long Goodbye” of Alzheimer’s Disease

As she turns to look at my father, I study my mother’s profile. I see my grandfather’s nose—the one that bolstered his long-held claim that his mother was Cherokee. As she turns back to me, I see the softly draped skin, mapped with creases that had waited many years to… Read More
  • Cynthia Williams Young |
  • September 20, 2017
internal customer care
Leadership Growth

Internal Customer Care: 5 Lessons for the Workplace and Beyond

I am forever grateful for having worked directly for Colleen Barrett, then-President of Southwest Airlines, for a significant part of my 21 years as an active member of the Southwest family, a family I still consider mine. As with U.S. Marines (try finding an “ex-Marine”), you rarely find former Southwest… Read More
  • Cynthia Williams Young |
  • June 12, 2017

About Cynthia Williams Young

Cynthia Williams Young

Cynthia’s passion is serving others and developing and equipping people for Servant Leadership. Cynthia is Assistant Vice President for University Hospitals Executive Administration at UT Southwestern Medical Center. She is also a UT Southwestern-certified executive coach, serving physicians and researchers interested in becoming highly effective leaders. Cynthia is a voracious reader and always looks forward to the next trip to Hawaii or the Pacific Northwest (home to her) with her husband, Sam.