The Best Sleep Apps to Help You Get Some Rest Tonight

The Best Sleep Apps

If you are one of the lucky few who fall asleep the minute your head hits the pillow, then we are green with envy for you. But, if you’re like the rest of us who want to look forward to sleep but find it to be a constant struggle, there is hope. Try a sleep app! There are many to choose from, so we suggest some trial and error to see which one works the best for you. Read on to check out the best sleep apps you can test-drive tonight.

The Best Sleep Apps


When it comes to the best sleep apps, this one is clearly a favorite among many. While most people come here to meditate and listen to calming sounds, the feature of this app that really steals the show is its sleep stories. Much like the stories you fell asleep to as a kid, sleep stories on the Calm app offer adult equivalents to help calm your busy mind and prepare you for a night of solid sleep. Our favorite part of this app is the fact that you can fall asleep to Matthew McConaughey reading you a bedtime story.

Price: $70/year


Many think of Headspace as a meditation app, and though it is our go-to app for guided meditations, we have discovered its hidden secret of a fabulous app for sleep. For free you can access what is called “sleepcasts” — essentially bedtime stories like those offered in the Calm app. New stories are released every night so you can either return to a favorite or try something new each time.

Price: $95/year

Insight Timer

This app offers up all sorts of help with anxiety, stress, and sleep. The meditations and sounds here help guide you to a peaceful sleep that will have you feeling like a new person in no time. And the best thing about this app? It’s totally free. You can choose to upgrade to gain access to additional features, but the free version offers plenty to get you sleeping fast.

Price: Free!

Sleep Cycle

While most of the apps on this list help you fall asleep, Sleep Cycle is a great app to educate you about how well you’re sleeping. This app tracks your sleep patterns and gives you tips to get the most out of your sleep. It also comes equipped with an alarm clock that wakes you up at the best time (and slowly), rather than when you are in a moment of deep sleep. This helps you wake up sans the grogginess, and instead ready for the day ahead!

Price: Free!

White Noise Lite

As its name suggests, this app provides a wide variety of white noises to help you get to bed in a calm and relaxed way. The simplicity of this app makes it perfect for getting good sleep no matter where you are.

Price: Free!


This app lets you set a timer for the length of the sleep session you need, so you won’t be draining your battery all night. Pzizz allows you to choose from a number of different sound effects, music, and voiceovers that help you melt into sleep. Some features won’t cost you anything, but we suggest an upgrade to get access to all you need.

Price: $60/year


Whether you like a bedtime story, a white noise, or a guided meditation, Slumber has something for you to choose from that will have you on your way to a great night’s sleep. Many stories come for free but upgrade to get access to new stories each week, as well as new meditations.

Price: $40/year


Some people are good at sleeping in silence, while others find the silence almost deafening. If you’re one of the latter, then Noisli is your best friend. This app has a number of different sounds to choose from that allow you to make a soundtrack for your sleep that can be saved and revisited anytime you need it.

Price: Up to $24/year


This app approaches sleep in a more fun way than most sleep apps. It actually treats it as a game (while also understanding the real importance of sleep)! SleepTown allows you to create sleep goals that include the number of hours you want to sleep, what time you want to wake up, and more. The more goals you achieve, the more your town develops in the app. If you miss your goals, your buildings get destroyed.

Price: $1.99


Always wanted to try journaling but can’t seem to commit to writing in a notebook every night? Try Reflectly. You’ll be guided through a series of questions to help you gather and reflect upon your thoughts from the day. This helps you to work through some issues that may keep you from going to bed. Say goodbye to anxiety, stress, and sleepless nights in this unique way.

Price: $48/year

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