We all know the importance of keeping a vehicle serviced and tuned up to prevent it from breaking down and to keep it in great driving condition. As much as we do not want to pay the price for service, it is definitely essential to be proactive and maintain it now or pay a more expensive price later down the road. This applies to women as well!

Just like a vehicle needs routine maintenance, ladies so do you! It is imperative that you are staying in tune with your body, particularly at our age. It doesn’t matter the size, shape, race, or culture this rule applies to all. In doing so, we can sometimes prevent issues from becoming chronic by addressing them in the early stages. Some ways we can do this is by listening, paying attention, following the guidelines, and scheduling routine appointments.


Thoughtful old woman at parkOur body sends us messages, but do we listen? Sometimes it sends signals that we don’t understand or we tend to purposely ignore. Let’s agree, who wants to hear “Houston we have a problem!” No one does. Have you ever had one of those days when that nagging headache just doesn’t seem to go away? It could be your body talking to you. This is another reason why it is important in staying in tune and listening to what your body is trying to tell you.

Pay Attention to Subtle Signs

Being the fabulous 50 and over woman that you are, what measures are you taking to stay in tune with your body? Of course, you are doing a great job of looking fine on the outside yet, camouflaging the internal challenges. Do you tend to overlook subtle symptoms or changes that you know are taking place yet fail to address? For example, symptoms such as spots on your skin, floaters in the eyes, snoring, hot flashes, tiredness, mood swings, vaginal dryness, the list goes on. These are triggers indicating you may need to see a doctor for something that can possibly be a simple little fix.

Women’s Wellness Rules

When you are in tune with your body internally and externally it could possibly enhance your quality of life, particularly if you follow the women’s wellness rules.

  • Self-exam your breasts daily
  • Examine your skin
  • Examine your hands and feet
  • Eat healthy


Senior Woman Yoga InstructorExercising is one of the most critical and beneficial activities that should always be incorporated into your daily agenda. Regardless if you are sitting, standing, or lying down there is some type of exercise that you can do.


Being in the realm of spirituality or daily meditation enables you to relax and tune out the noises of the world and hear what your inner being is saying.

If you are doing any of the above, you are definitely on the right track because it is a necessity to keep your body and mind in prime shape.

Schedule Routine Annual Appointments

  • Physical
  • Mammogram
  • Eye Exam
  • Bone density exam (if suggested by your physician)
  • Colonoscopy (if suggested by your physician)
  • Stress exams, sleep diagnostics (if suggested by your physician)
  • Dental

I like to compare staying in tune with the body to a music lesson. When you hear yourself go from making soothing sounds such as Ahh… to unpleasant sounds such as ouch, then this is definitely a sign that something needs to be tuned!

Helpful Resources

There are many resources available that offer helpful information.

Certainly, we can’t always get it right in staying on top of things with our body so that’s why there are experts in these fields. Never be afraid to ask questions or seek answers.

Woman video conferences with pharmacist about medication- staying in tune with your bodyAs communities are gradually re-opening so what better time than now to do a self-check, reassess the areas where you need help and work on them. This pandemic has affected us all in one way or another. In an effort to adapt to the new normalcy and adjust mentally, physically, and spiritually we have to stay attuned.


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