Loving It! Prime Picks for PRiME Women – 2nd Edition

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We at Prime Women love to share the products we’ve found that make our lives easier, healthier, or just all around better. Our picks might include cosmetics, shoes, clothing, technology or organizational tools. This month we share finds by Prime Women co-founder, Dianne Patterson.

Sweet Dreams

Serious question! Do you sleep on your belly, on you back, or on your side? How you sleep will determine what type of pillow you need and Pillow Bar has mastered the art of sleep which is why we love it!

The Pillow Bar

pillow bar

The Pillow Bar has created a stand-alone machine that fills each pillow with the right amount of Hungarian goose down to fit your sleep style. If you sleep on your side, more down, less for back sleepers, and even less if you sleep on your belly. The pillow is then covered in 300-thread count Egyptian cotton and personalized to your preference.

The Pillow Bar is the “Cadillac of down,” as they call themselves, and in our opinion worth every penny for a great night’s sleep! Falling asleep, like falling in love, can be complicated, and like a healthy relationship, this one is worth the investment and one of our picks to make you feel great this year.

They are available directly at the Pillow Bar or many national retailers, including Neiman Marcus. Shop today for a better sleep tonight.

Turn Up The Volume

Is your hair fine and limp at times after either conditioning it yourself or having it conditioned at a salon? Well, mine is because I try to follow a routine that will keep my hair healthy and shiny, but just attempt styling your limp strands after your conditioning ritual! Hair is often too soft to hold any curl or waves from blow-drying with a round brush or even using a curling iron. Below are four items that can instantly give your hair volume and body enough to style it any way you want.

Big Sexy Hair Hairspray


Big Sexy Hair Hairspray

“What a Tease, Backcomb in a Bottle.” This hairspray, in Big Sexy Hair’s instantly recognizable candy apple red can with the black top, is truly remarkable in its volumizing ability. If you use this on your clean, thin but “sort of styled hair,” your hairdo will go from so-so to “Va-Voom” in no time.

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo

This product, also in the brand’s red can with the black top, works best on hair the second or third day after a shampoo and initial styling. This spray goes on clear but instantly volumizes your flagging hairdo and gives both your locks and your spirits a lift in an instant.

Unite Texturiza Spray Dry Finishing

Unite Texturiza Spray Dry Finishing

The items in this line were introduced to me by my California hairstylist this past summer and every item in it is excellent and delivers on its label’s promises. This one will volumize your hair, but not to the extent that Big Sexy Hair’s “What a Tease, Backcomb in a Bottle” will. Use this product when you are going for a more conservative look. You will be pleased with the outcome on days that you don’t want a client, spouse, date or friend to notice your hair before anything else about your look.

Unite Expanda Dust Volumizing Powder

Unite Expanda Dust Volumizing Powder

Unite Expanda Dust Volumizing Powder is another of our picks we think you’ll love. This super fine, incredibly lightweight, colorless dry shampoo can be used at any time, even after you’ve just blown your hair dry. It will add noticeable volume that is so airy that any style you care to undertake will never be weighed down. This line of products is extremely high quality, as are the Big Sexy Hair products, and won’t disappoint.

All of the above can be bought on Amazon. The Big Sexy Hair products can be found at JCPenney and Ulta. Try them. I think you will like them.

Brushes with Greatness

I’m kind of a makeup and skincare junkie because I love to try many products that I read about in Prime Women and other publications. I also enjoy having a makeup artist do my face for parties and other special occasions. I have long envied my favorite make-up artist’s wide selection of professional grade brushes that she uses for everything from applying creams to hydrate and plump my skin to the final light coating of transparent powder.

Sephora Collection SU Easel Brush Set

SU Easel Brush Set

This past birthday, I decided to treat myself to Sephora’s set of professional makeup brushes, which are called the SU Easel Brush Set, and cost $445. I know this is an extravagance, but it is an affordable luxury of the nth degree, and it makes doing my face every day so much fun. There is a brush for everything in this 27 piece set. Each one is clearly engraved with its purpose, but many are quite versatile, too.

You don’t have to spend this much money on brushes because Sephora has sets beginning at $42. The one I bought comes in the handiest black quilted case with a protective liner and elasticized slots for each brush. Plus, it is lined inside the heavy duty ballistic nylon covering with cardboard or some other stiff material that allows it to stand up in a “V” shape. When it’s time to travel, you just fold it and snap it closed, and you are ready to pack it. Go ahead, treat yourself like I did. It’s worth every penny!

There you have it. A few of our picks for the best products we’ve found and use. We hope you give them a try. If you have products you’ve found that you LOVE, please share them with us at and we may feature them in the next post alongside our picks in Loving It!



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