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Smiling woman after doing broadband laser technology with BBL Hero

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I’ve never had particularly good skin, and when I was younger, it seemed I tried every kind of acne medication available. Some were pretty abrasive, and I found that I had a greater sensitivity to the sunlight. I wish I knew then what I know now about sunscreen and the various precautions we can take to protect our skin, but to be honest, it just wasn’t as encouraged and well-known back then. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – and that’s especially true when it comes to skincare – but past me wasn’t quite as aware of that as I should have been.

I think it’s like that with many things that have gone from popular to enemy number 1 over the years. Tanning beds, for example, weren’t something I shied away from as often as I should have. Unfortunately, now I’m facing the consequences of those choices, and I really don’t like them.

Past Choices

I’ve never been able to pinpoint the main cause of my current skin issues: acne medications, sun exposure, or just poor skincare routines in general. I suspect it’s a combination of all of them, as well as some good old-fashioned natural aging. Regardless, I’ve found myself living a bit of a skin nightmare. Sunspots, aging spots, redness, dull-looking skin, and just overall aging that I can’t seem to shake.

I visited a local skincare clinic and purchased a pricy dark spot corrector, but even after a month of use, the dark spots on my face and hands only seemed to get bigger. I’d like to think I’m not so vain as to have it bother me, but like most people, my face is one of my greatest assets, and when I feel like it’s not looking great, it’s very defeating. So, I decided it was time to get serious about finding a solution.

Broadband Light Treatments (BBL)

Making the decision to do something about my sun and aging spots was actually very freeing both mentally and emotionally. However, the options seemed endless. While I considered more creams (both over-the-counter and prescribed) or an at-home laser treatment, I realized that I was tired of messing around. It was time to get serious. After looking into all of my options and speaking with an aesthetician, I decided that the best option for me was Broadband Light (BBL) treatment.

Broadband Light treatments aren’t a new technology; they’ve long been known and used in the industry and by aestheticians. The drawback, however, included laborious treatment methods that were often time-consuming and could be uncomfortable. Initially, this didn’t seem like a great fit for me because I had sun damage and signs of aging all over my hands, lower arms, and on my upper back.

Fortunately, the professional I was working with had just the fix in mind. He spoke about a state-of-the-art technological game-changer that just came on the market. He was talking about BBL® HERO (High Energy Rapid Output) from Sciton Inc., and his excitement was contagious. I wanted all the information I could find on this new device and was impressed by what I saw.


So, why is this such a game-changing device? After years of being one of the leading manufacturers of medical and aesthetic lasers and light source technologies, Sciton decided it was time to up their game. One of the new products was BBL HERO, which stands for High Energy Rapid Output and treats superficial sun damage on the face and body in the form of spots and fine textural changes, and also reduces redness and vascularity which can be associated with rosacea. It can also treat an entire face in four minutes, and only one or two treatments are needed to see results—not four or six!

BBL HERO face before and after treatment
Courtesy of Sharon Grasso, L.E., Permanent Touch Cosmetics

Efficiency At Its Finest

BBL HERO treatments take dramatically less time than any of the other options. It allows practitioners to treat the entire body with four times the speed, three times the peak power, and two times the cooling capacity of previous products. That means it works FOUR TIMES as fast as the next best IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment. Wowsa.

The cooling capacity is also amazing because it helps improve the patient’s comfort while allowing practitioners to work more effectively and efficiently, which saves time and provides better results for their patients. In fact, many people see smoother, clearer, younger, and healthier-looking skin after just one treatment.

BBL Hero for broadband laser skincare
Courtesy of Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr.

My Turn

After researching and learning about BBL HERO and all that it has to offer, I decided it was time to take the plunge. In the time that it would take to order a latte, I’d had my entire face treated. Up next, it was time to take my hands and arms back in time and remove some of the signs of aging. The process itself went so fast I was extremely skeptical I would see any results at all, but I was wrong. My hands and arms looked better after just the one treatment, and my face looked fantastic. I did have a little redness, and the pigment darkened while my skin healed, but I covered it with some tinted sunscreen on my aesthetician’s advice and was back to my normal day.

BBL HERO chest before and after treatment
Courtesy of Jason Pozner, MD

As I get used to the results, I’m going to decide which future treatments I want to consider. Additional treatments will clear my skin and smooth it even more, which is very enticing. I’ll work with my aesthetician to see what the best course of treatment is, but I’m extremely pleased for now.


It’s pretty much impossible not to have the evidence of poolside afternoons, sporting events, family outings, and beach visits show on your skin. But while the memories of those events are cherished, the sunspots, aging spots, and rosacea are reminders we don’t necessarily want to keep. If you’re hoping for clearer, smoother, younger-looking skin, it’s possible. You just have to get serious about it like I did.


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