The Anti-Aging Power of Hormones: Exploring Natural Progesterone and Estriol Benefits

Let's take a look at the anti-aging power of hormones, including the benefits of natural progesterone and estriol.
Aging power

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We are all familiar with how hormonal changes can bring about a myriad of health concerns. Maintaining a youthful level of hormones, particularly progesterone, and estriol, can play a crucial role in addressing various health issues that affect women as we journey through our 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.

It’s never too late to slow down the process of aging

In this article, we’ll delve into the benefits of achieving hormone balance using progesterone and estriol, focusing on heart disease, memory loss, osteoporosis, cancer prevention, vaginal dryness, sleep health, and overall well-being.

heart health

Cardiovascular disease (heart disease and disease of the blood vessels) is a significant concern for women as we age. 

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women globally.  Women also have a higher risk of having a stroke in their lifetime than men while also suffering worse stroke outcomes than men. 

These facts make cardiovascular health a major priority for women.   Hormone balance can contribute to heart health by improving cholesterol profiles, blood pressure regulation, and overall vascular health. Progesterone has been linked to blood pressure regulation and anti-inflammatory effects that may reduce the risk of heart disease. Estriol has been shown to have a positive impact on the cardiovascular system by maintaining the elasticity of the vessels and improving cholesterol


Bone health becomes increasingly important with age due to the risk of osteoporosis. 2-3 years before menopause and 2-3 years after menopause are the years women lose bone mass at the fastest rate.  Hormone balance plays a role in maintaining bone density and strength. Progesterone aids in bone formation by supporting osteoblast (bone-building) activity, while estriol helps regulate the uptake of calcium into our bones, potentially reducing the risk of fractures.

cancer prevention

While hormone replacement therapy has raised concerns about cancer risk, using the right types and ratios of hormones like estriol and natural progesterone can offer potential benefits. Estriol, unlike other estrogens, has shown potential anti-cancer properties. This is in part due to Estriol’s binding to specific receptor sites that are known to decrease the risk of cancer.  Some studies suggest that estriol’s unique effects on breast tissue may be protective against certain types of breast cancer.  Natural progesterone is much different than the synthetic form used in oral and patch forms of hormone replacement therapy.  Natural progesterone has been linked to decreasing the growth rate of estrogen-sensitive cancers

This makes estriol and natural progesterone combination the safest form of hormone replacement therapy in women of all ages, including those ten years and beyond menopause.

vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness and discomfort can affect quality of life for many women as they age, as well as place women at a higher risk of recurrent urinary tract infections. Hormone balance using intravaginal hormone therapy is the most effective way to alleviate vaginal dryness and restore vaginal health.  Estriol vaginal cream or suppositories have been used for decades to rejuvenate vaginal tissues, improve comfort, decrease the risk of urinary tract infections, and is considered safe for all women, including those with a history of breast cancer.  Intravaginal hormones also have the added benefit of stimulating a woman’s libido

sleep health

Sleep disturbances are common among older women, often linked to hormonal fluctuations. Hormone balance can impact sleep quality by regulating the sleep-wake cycle and improving sleep duration. Progesterone’s calming effects and its role in regulating GABA (a neurotransmitter that promotes relaxation) can contribute to better sleep patterns.

memory and cognition

Progesterone and estriol offer notable benefits for memory health. Progesterone plays a vital role in promoting neuroprotection and reducing inflammation in the brain. It helps maintain a healthy nerve structure as well as support the production of myelin, the protective sheath around nerve fibers which is responsible for how fast a nerve signal is transferred from one nerve to another.  

This, in turn, enhances the speed of neural communication crucial for optimal memory function. Estriol is recognized for its unique neuroprotective properties as well.  Estriol possesses antioxidant effects that shield neurons from oxidative stress, a key contributor to cognitive decline. Estriol also fosters something called “synaptic plasticity,” which is the ability of nerves to repair themselves.  This helps strengthen nerves and their ability to store and retrieve memories.  Both progesterone and estriol, when maintained at appropriate levels, contribute to bolstering memory health by preserving neuron function, reducing inflammation, and supporting the intricate processes underlying memory formation and cognitive ability.

emotional wellbeing

Balancing hormones can have a positive ripple effect on overall well-being. Mood swings, irritability, and anxiety are often a result of hormonal imbalances and occur during a woman’s midlife years when hormones begin to fluctuate and decline.  Mood changes often result in increased illness and may lead to depression, anxiety, and insomnia long term. 

Addressing mood swings early by balancing hormones may change the long-term course of a woman’s emotional well-being.  When a woman is just beginning to experience hormone changes, she is likely to find a combination of Estrogens, such as Estradiol and Estriol, mixed with the proper ratio of Progesterone helpful for mood changes.   As a woman moves through her 60s and 70s, a transition to estriol and progesterone is felt to be the perfect combination to provide an overall improved well-being and quality of life. 



From heart health, bone density, and cancer prevention to vaginal comfort, sleep health, improved memory, and general emotional well-being – hormone balance plays a pivotal role. It’s important to note that hormone therapy should always be discussed with a healthcare provider, considering individual health history and needs. With proper guidance and a holistic approach to aging, women can embrace all their years with vitality and enhanced quality of life.

I hope you will find more of my blogs and videos on natural hormone replacement helpful, as well as use the tools we have developed for you to determine how to take good care of your own hormone needs.  For you ladies who are still “young chicks”, you’ll find our PRINCESS or HEAVEN creams just right for your hormone balance needs.  These are combination hormone creams with both Estradiol, Estriol, and Progesterone.  As you move through menopause and enjoy the benefits of maturity (like me, I’m almost 64 and 10 years past menopause) you will find our SUPPORT formulation to be just right!  Our SUPPORT Cream has 100% bioidentical Estriol as the form of Estrogen – balanced with bioidentical Progesterone.  Estriol has been shown to be the “safest” Estrogen for women beyond menopause.

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With sincere care and support,

dr karen

Dr. Karen

(Founder Women’s Midlife Specialist, Inc.)

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Dr. Karen is a best-selling author with Brian Tracy in Success Manifesto with Get Energized, Focused, and Downright Sexy Now. She has been a speaker on Hormone Health, Balance, and Optimization to women and medical providers over the past 20 years and has helped thousands of women sail through menopause, reverse aging, and live the life they imagined for themselves as younger women.

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