Here’s How to Stay Fit On Vacation

Stay Fit

Return from summer vacation happy, healthy and fit!

Rest, relaxation, lazy afternoons, what’s not to like?! Coming back 5 lbs heaver, that’s not to like! Summer travel sometimes sounds much better than it is. Add in the stress of flying/driving, cookouts and cocktail parties, long lazy dinners and snacking abound, it’s no wonder there is a serious temptation to over eat, forgo the gym and abandon healthy habits. Luckily there are ways to stay on track and keep from undoing all the great work you started.

Here’s How to Stay Fit:

Make a Plan

Before your summer trip gets fully underway and travel itinerary booked, make a conscious effort to make a summer workout plan, stick to it and check in regularly with yourself. A healthy outlook and keeping up with your workouts, sleep schedule and healthy eating will keep you in better spirits, well rested and on top of your game!

Your hotel or rental property will be your home away from home, so be sure to find one that offers you everything you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible. A gym, bike rental, jogging path, nearby classes or workout studios just might be your saving grace.

Workout – No Gym Required

If traveling to a place with no gym or your busy schedule means working out right in your hotel room or rental property, check out this total body workout (strength, cardio, flexibility) you can do anywhere. In other words, there really is no excuse.

Be sure to pack a FitKit – Total Fitness in a Kit so you always have everything you need for a total body workout solution on the road. Bonus: It’s TSA friendly and fits right in your carry on!

The Right Shoes

Packing workout shoes is a must. I love Asics because they are light and sporty, but if you’re like me and throw them into a plastic grocery bag (or even worse, right into your suitcase), you’re going to love the Shoe Bag by SHAG. SHoe + bAG = SHAG. Each SHAG can hold a pair of shoes or 2 pairs of flats or sandals. Keeps my grimy shoes away from my clean clothes.

I love to try yoga, Pilates and barre classes whenever I travel. I find that working with a new instructor really challenges my body in a different way than it’s used to. If there isn’t a studio in the area, I will throw a DVD in my bag just in case and play it on my computer or the hotel TV. Try these ballet/yoga grip socks in your hotel room and you wont need to pack a yoga mat.

Workout Wear

Workout wear that meets my function AND fashion criteria is golden. And one that I can wash and dry overnight and feels great against the body is an added bonus. Check out my new favorite active wear line, Tommie Copper. The fabric is copper infused with really cool therapeutic properties and fits like a glove. Lightweight and packable for summer travel.

Germ Free Travel

I’m all about getting (and staying) healthy. So when I travel, I like to stay as germ free as possible. OK, I admit, I’m a bit of a germ-a-phobe. I took a flight last week where it seemed everyone was coughing, sneezing or sniffling. sanitizer

Public spaces often give me the heebee jeebes so I carry a tiny certified organic sanitizer called Intelligent Nutrients. It’s made with peppermint and vanilla essential oils, so it leaves you not only clean but refreshingly clean and does not dry out your hands like most on the market.

Here are a few more travel tips to keep in mind. With a little preparation and packing the right things, you can take a vacation knowing you’ll return rested happy and maybe even a few lbs lighter!

  • Schedule your workouts into your travel plans.
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep at least every other night.
  • Call ahead to your destination to find outdoor activities.
  • Find walking and running routes before you land. Map My Run is a great site I use.
  • Bring healthy snacks on the plane.
  • Get the family outside even on cloudy days for fun games. It’s a great way to sneak in activity.


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