Welcome back to this month’s Prime Women yoga pose – the pigeon pose!

Stress and tension can build up in the hips and create tightness. Practicing Pigeon Pose can make for more flexibility in your lower body and hips. Your hips are a keystone to your body and its proper functioning. Open hips improve your posture, alignment and overall flexibility.

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Pigeon Pose Benefits:
* Stretches the thighs, groins and psoas, abdomen, chest and shoulders, and neck
* Opens the shoulders and chest

Salamba Kapotasana

Pigeon Pose Instructions:

1. Begin on All Fours Position (Table Top), with your knees directly below your hips and your hands slightly ahead of your shoulders. Slide your right knee forward to the back of your right wrist. At the same time, angle your right shin under your torso, and bring your right foot to the front of your left knee. The outside of your right shin will now rest on the floor. Slowly slide your left leg back, straightening the knee and descending the front of the thigh to the floor. Lower the outside of your right buttock to the floor. Position the right heel just in front of the left hip.

2. The right knee can angle slightly to the right, outside the line of the hip. Look back at your left leg. It should extend straight out of the hip (and not be angled off to the left), and rotated slightly inwardly, so its midline presses against the floor. Exhale and slowly bring the palms of your hands together at the center of your chest, or lay your torso down on the inner right thigh for a few breaths. Stretch your arms forward.

3. Slide your hands back toward the front shin, and push your fingertips firmly to the floor. Lift your torso away from the thigh. Lengthen the lower back by pressing your tailbone down and forward. At the same time, lift your pubis toward the navel.

4. Stay in this position for a minute. Then, with your hands back on the floor, carefully slide the left knee forward, exhale and lift up and back into All Fours Position (Table Top). Take a few breaths and repeat with the legs reversed for the same length of time.

Pigeon Pose Modifications and Props:
* It’s often difficult to descend the outside of the front-leg hip all the way to the floor. Place a thickly folded blanket underneath the hip for support.

As always, if you have any questions or if there is a specific pose you would like to see next, drop me a message.

Always work within your own range of limits and abilities.
If you have any medical concerns, talk with your doctor before practicing yoga.


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