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Why Technology May be Your Ally in Improving Health & Fitness After Fifty

The following post is sponsored by flip50™. All opinions are my own.

French poet and novelist Victor Hugo is credited with saying “Forty is the old age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age.”

In other words, hitting the big 5-0 can be a big wake-up call for those of us who have always felt young at heart and in years.

Just take a good look around you – almost everything you see in pop culture, social media, television and even music seems to cater to people who are much younger than the 50+ generation. And it’s not just your imagination. According to a survey by Girlpower Marketing, 53% of Baby Boomer women felt that they were overlooked by product advertisers and marketers.

Even though most women and men want to look their best, truth be told, there comes a point where the concern is less about getting that perfect beach bod (that’s so 20-years ago!) and more about ramping up overall diet, fitness and well-being.

The focus switches to staying fit and healthy as long as possible so we can enter the golden years rocking and rolling, and not just rocking away in a chair. That means getting smart about protecting those joints, eating well to avoid diabetes and heart disease, and keeping a healthy weight for years to come.

Now comes the tricky part. After decades of the traditional “no pain, no gain” mentality toward fitness, life after 50 means switching gears and taking a kinder, gentler approach to self-care. Fitness that’s easier on the joints, that’s focused on flexibility and strength, and that pays attention to the fact that it takes longer to recover from physical activity than when you were younger.

Since this is a new mindset, one of the hurdles is figuring out if you’re doing everything right to reach your fitness goals, or if there’s something more that you can do to achieve a healthier lifestyle.Flip50 App

flip50 App

That brings us to a new website and fitness app that targets people who are 50+. It features a personalized program with a variety of tools and benefits specifically for those in this age group, to help them achieve health, wellness and balance.

It’s called flip50™, and this fitness app offers everything from fitness routines, to relaxation tips and lots of healthy recipes, all in one handy dandy place. Check it out for yourself. But downloading the companion mobile app is what makes it simpler to fit a workout and healthy activities into your daily routine with custom-guided activities like meditation, recipes and daily workouts.

The daily activities are adjustable and customizable. If you don’t feel like doing one activity, just flip it and find another activity that works for you. And rather than go it alone, you can share your daily achievements via text or with your social network. Or else, use the “Invite a Friend” function to encourage others to join you.

flip50 Gyms

What’s more, when you get a monthly subscription to the fitness app, you automatically get a gym membership that includes access to the thousands of nationally-known gyms throughout the country that are participating in the program. Simply use the app to help you find a gym near your home or office. And when you travel, the app will locate a participating gym near you to help you stick to your fitness routine.

But, if you can’t make it to the gym, the app offers a variety of choreographed fitness routines – everything from a 10-minute morning stretch (complete with a little animated figure showing you the right way to do the moves) to a more intense 60-minute walking workout or a CrossFit Yoga routine.

You can do these activities anywhere, in your own time, so there’s no need to feel guilty if you can’t hit the gym.

But the gym is always available when you have more time, which is a win-win in my book.
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