Throughout life, there will always be an occasion in which you will want to give someone a gift. It could be in celebration of a birthday, the birth of a child, graduation, retirement or simply just because! This may sound like an easy pick-and-go task for some, however for others deciding on unique gift ideas can be complicated.

In choosing a special gift for someone, if you are like me, I try to be sincere when putting effort and thoughts into it. The challenges often faced are with individuals who really do not need or want anything, or maybe you are unaware of the likes or dislikes of the person. I am certain that we all know one individual that no matter what, they are just so hard to please!

Giving should be taken seriously because it can be a reflection of you as well. The gifts you choose can either leave a negative or positive mark. For instance, you would not want to give perfume, cologne, or candles to someone who is allergic or sensitive to fragrances. Certainly, your intentions were good, but perhaps you were not aware of this issue. For reasons as such, let’s view some unique gift ideas and suggestions.


For the avid reader, you can’t go wrong in gifting a book, particularly if you know the genres they like to read. And, if you are clueless no worries because a gift certificate to a bookstore such as Barnes and Nobles, Amazon or even an audiobook purchase would work as well. Kids love books too!

Have you considered making a picture book for a gift? This is always a winner as it an awesome conversation piece and allows the individual to often flip through memories. There are some great photo book software platforms available.


I can read your mind and you are asking “What is she talking about?” Many years ago when I moved into a new home, for a housewarming gift a friend gave me a small tree in a pot and also a shrub. She could not decide on which one I preferred so she gave me both. Honestly, at first I thought this was bizarre. Then, considering I didn’t have any trees in my backyard I planted both of them in designated areas. The tree became one of the most cherished gifts I had ever received and living in Texas it got really hot! The tree provided shade.

Though I am no longer in Texas, every time I visit my family I make it a point to drive by my old house just to see that tree. What special memories it created!

Music Lovers

For the music lovers, how about a vintage record player from (Kohls, Amazon or Etsy) as they are back on the market. Believe it or not, there are those still holding on to old album vinyls and would love to pull them out of the attic or garage and dust them off. The record player is a classic piece and nice added attraction to a room that can create a happy ambience.

Other music inspired gifts:

Cell Phones

Cell phones always rank on the top of the list with young people because they are actually handheld computers. They are also great in staying connected with family long distance. You can FaceTime or google chat with elderly individuals.

Other Unique Gift Ideas

LoveValentine's Gifts

Last but not least, the greatest gift of all is Love! Just spending quality time with someone sitting, listening and chatting is priceless. Sometimes you don’t have to say anything just be in their presence. Once they’re gone you can’t get that time back but those memories you can cherish forever.

I hope some of these unique gift ideas have helped someone in their dilemma of choosing a special gift.

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